At TruTravels we believe that the travel industry has the potential to change the world for the better. Our vision is to unite people, companies and charities from all over the world while helping create amazing, life-changing experiences for our travellers.

Each month, thousands of travellers head to Koh Phangan island in the south of Thailand to celebrate its world-famous Full Moon Party. On August 12th we teamed up with Tiki Beach hotel for a pre-Full Moon Party event to raise money for the island’s local animal shelter: Phangan Animal Care For Strays Foundation (PACS.)

Our event brought the partygoers of the island together to have fun preparing for the Full Moon while helping raise money for the island’s furry friends. Ten percent of Tiki Beach’s food and bar proceeds as well as all money raised through a beer pong tournament, shot bar, and body painting table all went to PACS.

In the end, our event raised an incredible 11,075 THB for the PACS foundation! These funds will be used to provide life-saving medical treatment, vaccinations, sterilisation and food to the stray and wild animals of Koh Phangan. Additionally, these donations will help cover basic running costs of the foundation and provide security for the future of the clinic.

We are proud to once again prove our commitment to sustainable tourism by raising money for a great cause all while showing our Tru travellers an amazing time.

Mission accomplished!


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