We are strong believers in leaving a place better than you found it. That's it, above everything else, we want to use travel as a force for good.

Since 2018, We've been island hopping in the small town of Port Barton, Palawan. A natural beauty and home to some of our dear friends and suppliers. As many people know on December 16th 2021, Typhoon Odette devastated The Philippines destroying families and decimating local villages and homes. We acted quickly alongside Mad monkey hostels to raise $10,000 to provide urgent relief for housing, food and water alongside an electrical generator. We've continued to support the rebuild of one of our favourite countries and have been showing our customers life - changing experience since March 2022.

Just recently we're proud to have supplied basketball uniforms to the boatmen of Port Barton's basketball team, just in time for their annual Fiesta basketball tournament! Some of our TruTravellers even got go and cheer them on!

Whether you're travelling for the first time or the 100th. Make sure to use travel as a force for good and create positive change in the world. That even might just be with a warming smile and trust us, we've got plenty of those! Ain't that the Tru-th!


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