TruTravels top travel tips part one


It’s not just about the life-changing experiences and the game-changing travel here at TruTravels! We want to make sure your experience is as smooth as it can possibly be from start to finish.. So follow along on our weekly series ‘Travel Tip Tuesday’ where.. Well, you get the gist, we will be giving you the best tips for your upcoming trips that will most certainly make your life a lot easier! You can thank us later…


Let’s be honest.. Transaction fees are THE WORST. Let’s not talk about the constant loose change in your wallet or the extortionate currency rates when on your travels. So do the right thing, avoid all of the above and stay on budget with the help of a TRAVEL CARD! Prepaid travel cards are often free of charge and will definitely help you stay on track of your spendings..


Let us tell you.. A worldwide travel adapter is a GAME CHANGER and something you should definitely pack for your travels. Not only can you use them in 150+ countries but these adapters can often power multiple devices at once. There's no messing around here.. No more waiting around for your laptop, ipad, phone and camera for hours on end!


Now, this one is a MUST and we don’t need to go too much into detail. Buying travel insurance should be on TOP of your to do list when preparing for a trip. Whether your flight has been delayed, you’ve injured yourself or your luggage has been lost, having travel insurance will keep you covered!


Whether you’re snorkelling in the deep blue ocean in Greece, hiking a volcano in Bali or on a wild night out in the middle of nowhere, a basic first aid kit will always come in handy! They can be as cheap as £8 and you can find a variety on Amazon.


Some of the best things happen when you least expect it! We get it, it’s great to be organised, have a never ending list of places and foods you MUST try whilst on your travels but come on.. Learn to go with the flow just once in a while, relax and see where the day takes you! You’ll be surprised.


Have you ever been in Thailand, lost up a mountain, in the middle of nowhere, with 1% battery left on your phone and not one soul around? No, me neither but we can imagine it would be pretty scary. Times like these is where a portable charger will come in handy! Super lightweight and often powerful enough to charge more than one device, these little devices are essential.

There you go! Here are just some of our travel top tips! Keep an eye out for part two!

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