If you are anything like us at TruHQ your travel plans will largely revolve around food and drink! Whether you’re up for trying something completely new, something you have seen on TikTok or something culturally specific to the country you plan on visiting, this is your guide to some of the best food and snacks from around the world. It’s been no easy feat trying all of these but it’s been our duty to you all and we took our role very seriously! Screenshot these suggestions for your next trip or even revolve your next trip around these amazing treats - we promise you it’ll be worth it!


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Croatia is famous for its production of Lavender and Hvar in particular is famous for its endless Lavender fields. Now when you think of Lavender you probably think of your Nan or a relaxing bubble bath, but think again because the clever Croatians have managed to turn their produce into an incredible ice cream flavour that is so refreshing and unique to the country. Recently when our TruFam were in Croatia they tried Dark Chocolate and Lavender Ice Cream as well as White Chocolate, Lavender and Blueberry Ice Cream! Both were gorgeous and the floraly taste surprise a lot of people and converted them to the Croatian flavour. Our top recommendations for Ice Cream Parlours to get some Lavender Ice Cream is IcyBar in Hvar and Boccapiena in Dubrovnik. You’re in for a treat!



Now you are probably thinking - yes guys this is an obvious one - but its so delicious we want to make sure as many people as possible know about this one! Pho, often regarded as the National dish of Vietnam, is a delicious broth which is simmered for hours to create an incredible blend of herbs and spices. You can have Pho with flat noodles, banh pho, and a choice of meat, although it's often beef or chicken! Topped off with coriander, chillies, lime and more you can make this dish your own by adding your own garnishes. It’s the perfect dish to have in Vietnam and even better if you can sit on the tiny chairs down with the locals to properly immerse yourself in the culture. There are so many places dotted around the country to experience the incredible flavours of Pho and your tour guide will be able to point you in the right direction for the best Pho in the area! Enjoy - and makes sure you wear a Bib - iykyk!




Those of you who have been to Thailand will definitely have had this treat. Mango sticky rice brings together the natural sweetness and tropical flavor of ripe mangoes with the creamy richness of sticky rice it’s incredible and not one to miss in Thailand. It’s such an iconic backpackers treat and you won’t have to walk far at any market in order to find it! It’s a favourite dessert for both tourists and locals and you’ll be a convert as soon as the sweet creamy rice hits your tastebuds (*previous sentence should only be said in the Masterchef voice.)




In the heat of the Philippines there’s only one thing you’ll want after hearing about this! Halo-Halo is a refreshing and colourful Filipino dessert that is guaranteed to keep you cool on long days by the beach. The treat is a mix of crushed ice, sweetened fruits, jellies, beans, and other toppings like caramel and evaporated milk.

So, there you have it,some suggestions for tasty treats around the world for you all to try and discover! We hope these little foodie suggestions have made you excited for your trip or has inspired you to maybe visit a country to explore some of the incredible foods that countries have to offer!


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