Many of our TruTravellers LOVE coming to Bali as a tropical paradise, and what’s not to love? Beautiful beaches, friendly locals, incredible food.. The list goes on! But one thing that we did notice, was that many people are still struggling across the world and there is still a huge amount of inequality in the world.


We’d noticed many local women begging or selling things in the streets of Ubud and around Bali, often with small kids by their sides to help them. We wanted to understand what the problem was and why this was happening. Our research led us to the Bali Street Mums Project, which is a charity that helps these very same women and their families and tries to give them a better life. They told us that many of these women live from very rural and non-touristy areas in the east of Bali and the mountains, where it is harder to grow food and a lot harder to make a living. Many of these women are running away from domestic abuse or are single parents and simply have no support from anyone. With little to no money to feed their kids, everyone must try to sell small toiletries or souvenirs on the streets just so they can make it through another day.


The Tru Crew decided that we didn’t want to just sit back and do nothing, we wanted to do what we could to help make a difference where we can. We’ve brought so many customers through Bali which has shown our customers the time of their lives and so it was our turn to do something to give back to this incredible island.

We made the decision to host a fundraiser party for the Bali Street Mums project in an effort to join together as a community and do something positive to give back. X-bar, which is one of our favourite bars in Canggu, who often entertain our groups with incredible live reggae music, let us use their awesome venue as location for our epic party. They even offered to donate a percentage of their bar sales to the charity project!! We decided to go BIG, and have some talented local bands and singers play live, a tattoo station with proceeds going to the charity, a beer pong tournament as well as some raffle prizes (including a FREE trip to Thailand with TruTravels!)


The event was a HUGE success with a great turnout!! The whole Bali Fam did really well at hosting such an awesome event and we managed to raise £630 total! All proceeds will go towards teaching the mums life-long skills to help them earn an income instead of begging on the streets. The Bali Street Mums project also provides long-term shelter for them and their families and provides support with education for the children, who otherwise would struggle in life with lack of education. Many of the kids struggle with malnutrition and health issues to the charity project also provides medical support.


We want to thank all the local businesses that helped to support us with raffle prizes, and to everyone who came down and donated money, showed support and danced the night away with us. It was a blast!


Special thanks to X-bar Canggu, Earth Circus, One More Wave Surf Club, Chandra Yoga, Papedas t-shirts, Koa D’Surfer hotel, Blue Marlin Dive, Inklusiv Warung, Addicted Ink, BGS coffee


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