Now, we know you’ve all heard the horror stories about the creepy crawlies you may encounter in the land down under…snakes falling out of trees, kangaroos bare knuckle boxing people and giant 8 legged ‘T’ words in the toilets, the list goes on…

But never fear! We’re going to give you tips and tricks on what to look out for, and what to do in an emergency!





You always hear such horror stories about the spiders in Australia but coming across a venomous one is incredibly rare. The best tip is to leave them alone! But if you are bit by one, simply apply a cold compress to relieve pain and seek medical attention if there are any signs of infection.





The general rule is that your ex will still be the worst snake you’ll come across, there’s no shame, we all have one. Typically, you don’t need to panic unless you see a Tapian, Brown Snake, Tiger Snake or Black Snake. If you do get bit, call an ambulance immediately and seek medical attention.





Avoid: Just avoid. No-ones prepared to embrace their inner boxer and enter the ring with a kangaroo.





We’ve all seen the FRIENDS episode where Chandler pees on Monica’s jellyfish sting and no-one wants that. Jellyfish are the reason that there’s no swimming in the ocean along the northern region of Australia. If you get stung by a Box jelly, pour vinegar on the sting for 30 seconds minimum and if you get stung by a Blue bottle, remove the tentacles with hot water and use an ice pack.





It’s rare to come across a shark in the ocean and if there are beaches at risk, there should be signs in the area, so just look around! You’ll be able to surf and swim fine without having your own real life Jaws experience. The same with crocodiles, there will be signs and other reminders on beaches or bushes, so just keep your eyes peeled. Staying away from water inhabited by crocodiles is usually the best way to go.

No matter what, you’ll see some lively wildlife on your travels but as long as you’re wary, you’ll be fine. Don’t let crocodiles and jellyfish stop you from splashing around on Bondi Beach, swashbuckling through the outback and having the time of your life. It’s a beautiful place to visit and there’s no better place to put a shrimp on the barbie.


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