Solo travelling can be daunting especially if you are setting off on your first backpacking adventure around Asia. It is completely normal to feel a sense of loneliness when you first venture out alone, but you need to look past that. Embrace it! Allow yourself to people watch and think about nothing for a few hours, or maybe think about lots of things. Either way, it is surprisingly therapeutic to remind yourself of your direction and to clear your head.

Girls standing on rock overlooking view in Vietnam


Solo travelling gives you the ability to go where you like, when you like, and not have to worry about that friend that is sat back in the hostel because they didn’t want to come surfing. Or, when you are feeling it after a week of partying hard, and you just want to plug in your headphones and escape the world for a few hours and read your book, nobody is going to make you feel bad about it. If you want to dance until the early hours of the morning, sleep in and see the city by moonlight, splash all your cash on a fancy pants meal out or do it rough and sleep on the floor of a hut for the night then you can. You only have yourself to answer to!

Another great pro for travelling solo is how approachable you are to other travellers. As someone who has travelled both alone and with friends, I can hands down say that I met heaps more people when on my own. And you soon start to realise how many fellow travellers are also in the same boat as you. And as the saying goes "it’s a small world" and more often than not, you will find someone doing the same route as you. So if you fancy yourself a companion for a few days, you can combine forces and adventure together!



Imagine how great it will feel after you have figured out how to convert currency, communicate using only gestures and figure out routes without relying on google maps or your 3G to get you there...and how great it will feel to have done it all by yourself! After you have survived the struggles and come out the other end smiling, you can pretty much nail any situation life throws your way. You may also find you learn a lot more too – perhaps you will pick up some of the language as you will actually be paying attention to the local lingo rather than chatting away to your mates. You also come to understand what it is you really miss back home and what you take for granted, things that you couldn’t see before. Solo travelling is a real eye-opener and you soon see what is truly important.


Girl sat on the end of a boat in Thailand in bikini with windswept hair and island views


And finally, just learning to be happy with just 'you', that is the biggest pro of solo travelling! Don’t get me wrong, travelling with mates can also be a hoot. But I can genuinely say that I have met some of the best friends of my life when I have set off as a lone wolf. So if you are looking for an adventure that will allow you to grow and learn, then pack your bags and head off solo. Trust me you will never look back!




Joining a tour is perfect for solo travellers as you get the best of both worlds! You are surrounded by so many amazing people yet you don't feel the obligation to stick with them 24/7 like perhaps you would with your friends. If you would like the comfort of travelling in a group, check out our tours.


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