Need some inspiration for luggage? We have got you sorted with a comparison of high-end and low-end backpacks!


You may remember last year when we told you all to travel with a rucksack instead of a suitcase (if you missed it then check it out here!) There are so many reasons why rucksacks are the luggage to choose for your travel journey. They are usually cheaper to buy, easier to travel with and you can often store more in them too. If you google ‘travel rucksacks’ you will be bombarded with information and different types of rucksacks that will leave you overwhelmed and no further along in your travel journey. Luckily we are here to help! We have tried and tested the most popular backpacks on the market, from the viral ones that can fit under the seat on any plane, to the fancy-pants ones that will last a lifetime and of course the standard run-of-the-mill travelling backpack that you’ll see time and time again on your journey. We are here with our honest reviews of a selection of backpacks to get you sorted for your next trip. You’ll be suited and booted in no time!


We have put the backpacks into three categories and we have reviewed a high end version as well as a budget version. We’ve tested classic travel backpacks, backpacks with side openings and a smaller carry on backpacks too! Hopefully this helps your search a little bit and you can get packing very soon!




Carry On Backpacks: North Face Day Bag vs The viral “EasyJet” cabin bag


Budget version: This bag is perfect for short trips and for those who want to pack light to avoid paying more for flight tickets. This might not be the most stylish bag on the market but it is practical, expandable and it has plenty of pockets so you’ll have a very organised bag! There’s lots of versions of this bag with a range of colours and additions possible. But if you just want a standard bag to see you through your holidays, that won't break the bank, this is perfect for you! However, you do get what you pay for in terms of quality with this bag…it’s straps are a little flimsy and you wouldn’t want to throw it around too much (which you can’t avoid sometimes in Asia.)


High End North Face Backpack: This North Face one is a really great bag! It is a lot better looking and more well made than the alternative. It still has plenty of space in it and would easily fit underneath the seat in a plane. I love how sturdy the straps feel and it would be a long-lasting bag. It’s an investment piece for sure and one that you’ll get your money’s worth out of.


Overall: If you can, we'd opt for the North Face Bag. We love the idea of having a long-lasting backpack and one that you can use over and over again without worrying about it breaking mid-trip. For £60 it is a little spenny but you can easily justify it with a little girl math!



Rucksack with easy access: Osprey Backpack vs Eurohike


Budget Version: We often get asked for the best bags to buy that can be accessed from the side. Bags like this make it so much easier to travel with as you don't have to empty your whole bag out to get something at the very bottom! This is a great option from GoOutdoors. It is £70 and won’t break the bank. It is slightly water resistant and the zips are good quality. It also has a variety of handles so it can be carried in numerous ways which is handy when you’re on the move. However, it is definitely not the most comfortable bag - it has little padding on shoulder straps and if you were wearing it as a backpack the section behind your head would be rather annoying.

High End Version: Now this is the bag to get if you want one that's going to serve you well for a long time! This has so many positives and although it’s pricey, if you are looking to make an investment in a 10/10 bag then this is the one! The thing we love about this bag is its opening - the fact you don't have to empty your whole bag when you want to get a pair of socks out is a big win for us! What's more it's a great looking bag too, it's the Jacob Elordi of bigs if you will. There’s four easy hold handles which will make throwing it on the back of a tuktuk super easy! It’s also 65L which is plenty of space for long term travel plans. Overall this is a great bag - it’s spenny but sometimes it's well worth spending more if you know you’ll be planning lots of trips in the coming years.  



The classic rucksack: Vango vs Eurohike


Now this is the bag you probably recognise as the classic travelling backpack. But is it worth spending more or can you get the cheapest on the market and save more money for beers on the beach?


Budget option: This EuroHike backpack is 65L and is currently available to buy for as little as £20 when you sign up to their £5 yearly membership. It has everything you could need from a rucksack. Lots of pockets, padded straps, the classic backpack look! It’s got water resistant straps and a rain cover too - which is good incase you get caught in a sudden downpour! We really like this bag - if you are travelling on a budget and want to save money for more beers on the beach this is a great option!


High End Version: You could spend an infinite amount of money on a backpack like this. This version is a Vango bag that costs £110. It doesn’t however give 5x more than the other bag. Yes it is slightly more padded and has a capacity from 60-70L but unless you have loads of money to spend and are happy to spend £120 on a rucksack - we recommend the cheaper bag. We’re all about exploring the world as much as possible so if we can save a few pennies here and there (or in this £90) we’re gonna do it!


We hope this comparison was helpful and you have some more ideas about where to spend extra money and where to stick with the budget option! Let us know if there are any other travel accessories you’d like us to try out.


Wherever and whenever you are going on your next adventure we hope you have a fabulous time! See you on the beach very soon…




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