Croatia is becoming more and more popular for those searching for sun, fun and a great European summer adventure. The best places to stay in Croatia are still relatively unknown and it can be hard to choose the perfect place for your week by the Adriatic Sea. Our top recommendations for staying in Croatia would be Hvar, Split and Makarksa (if we HAD to wittle it down to a few options.) We’ll explain more about why we would choose those later!


However, one thing we definitely know is that, because Croatia is a country that has so many beautiful places, it is almost impossible to get the full Croatian Experience by staying on land during your holiday. The best place to stay in Croatia is 100% a boat! By staying on a boat you can explore more islands, you won’t waste time travelling during the days, you can escape the busy, noisy cities at night and you’ll have the best views possible when cruising round the Adriatic Sea - now that beats the same, boring view from a hotel window for sure! We may sound biassed but it is the ultimate way to experience the most of Croatia in shorter space of time. We’re here for a good time AND a long time!!! Looking for a way to get started on your Croatian Sailing Adventure? Well look no further because we have got you sorted! 8 days for pure beauty, culture and some of Europe’s best nightlife!



If we haven’t convinced you to sail around Croatia with us - we have no idea how this would happen…here are three great spots to stay in during your time in the beautiful country of Croatia.


HVAR - The boojee island - famous for its lavender!



Hvar is the ultimate hotspot for those seeking a perfect blend of culture, relaxation, and epic nightlife too. This Croatian gem, renowned for its sun-soaked beaches, historic charm, and stunning bars offers an Instagram-worthy escape like no other. From the iconic Hvar Town, where medieval streets meet chic boutiques, to the blue waters lapping against hidden coves, it is a must-visit when in Croatia. Dive into crystal-clear waters by day, discover locally-inspired cuisine at beachfront restaurants, and dance the night away under the stars – Hvar is a hotspot for those seeking the perfect blend of cultural exploration and summer vibes.


MLJET - The place for stunning views and exploring!



Amidst the glittering waters of the Adriatic, Mljet emerges as a dreamy escape for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure. This unspoiled Croatian island is the perfect place to experience tranquillity, with lush green landscapes and serene lakes. At the heart of Mljet is the mesmerising Mljet National Park, home to two pristine saltwater lakes and the captivating St. Mary's Island with its charming Benedictine monastery. This Croatian gem is best explored through biking and kayaking. Disconnect from the digital world and connect with nature in Mljet's unspoiled beauty. Whether kayaking through the emerald waters or indulging in locally sourced wine in a cafe by the port, Mljet promises an authentic Croatian experience, making it unmissable for your next European trip.


SPLIT - The famous city with lots to offer!



Blending ancient history with a vibrant modern atmosphere, this city is the perfect starting point for your Croatian Trip. The heartbeat of Split is the stunning UNESCO-listed Diocletian's Palace. For history buffs, exploring the narrow streets lined with bustling shops, trendy cafes, and art installations feels like stepping into a living museum. The city's iconic waterfront promenade is a hub of activity during the day and at night it offers plenty of nightlife - from classy drinks to nightclubs and rooftop bars - it’s got it all.


KORČULA - History, wine and stunning architecture!


Korčula combines rich history with natural beauty. Steeped in legend and maritime tradition, this island, believed to be the birthplace of Marco Polo, has plenty of medieval charm and well-preserved architecture to explore. This people-watching paradise has labyrinthine streets leading to hidden squares and historic landmarks, making it a perfect place for exploring on a summer’s day. For night owls, Korčula offers a delightful mix of waterfront dining, lively bars, and summer festivals, creating the ultimate summer vibe.


Croatia is THE place in Europe to visit this year...don't miss out on this incredible country!


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