5 Reason's why you should quit the 9 to 5 day job and travel...

Too many people these days are so wrapped up in focusing on their 'careers' that they forget what it is like to actually live! These are the people that say 'I can't afford to travel' or 'I am too old now' or 'I will go next year'. These reason's are all excuses and quite frankly, all of which are bull****.

Nothing is worth it if you aren't happy!



There is no better time than the present. Stop asking yourself 'what if'. Are you spending every day longing to have the time to jet off and explore? We think it's about time you left behind your mundane 9-5 lifestyle (which has been slowly killing your soul) and acted upon this. Stop dreaming and start doing! You do not need to be rich. You do not need to be an experienced traveler. You need to be spontaneous and open minded. As cheesy as the saying 'there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored' may sound, it is somewhat true.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should quit your day job and get away. I am not saying become a bum and never work again (as we all know that is not reality and the world doesn't work that way). I am just saying that there are other options out there which could make you a whole lot happier.

So here goes...

Reason #1. Life is too short

None of us are getting any younger and the longer you put it off, the worse it gets. You never know what is around the corner as life is so uncertain, so we should all be living in the moment. Embrace every opportunity that life throws our way and enjoy the ride along with it. Nothing new is ever going to happen if you constantly remain in the same place.

Reason #2. The Question is.. Why the hell not?!

How many of you find yourself sitting at your office desk, sneakily searching through Skyscanner for your next getaway? Or daydreaming; imagining you were sailing around an island surrounded by crystal clear waters, sipping on a Mojito. How about making that a reality?! Why would you spend time regretting all the things you haven't done, when you could start making little steps towards all the things you do want to accomplish.

Places in Southern Thailand-TruTravels

Reason #3. Nothing is going to change in a year

I get that the idea of packing up everything and jetting off for a whole year can seem daunting. For those of you who have never even traveled before, this will also seem like a super long time. But believe me, it isn't! You are going to be too busy making heaps of new friends and exploring new destinations every week! The days will roll into weeks, which turn into months, and before you know it you will have lost track of what date it is altogether! Meanwhile, everything at home remains the same. At the time, it will seem as though so much has changed but this is because YOUR life has changed. You may get the occasional dosage of homesickness, which will make you think that you are missing out. But you just have to ride it out. You will soon be back on cloud nine after hiking an insane volcano or diving out of a plane. Home can wait.

I speak from past experience. I had a years visa to work in New Zealand but I came home early as I was missing family, and my friend was getting married. But after the initial Hollywood period had worn off, I was back to where I started. I got my old job back within a week of coming home. Before I knew it, everything was exactly the same as before I had left! It was as if the whole experience hadn't happened. What made it worse was that nobody from home came with me for this adventure. I couldn't even reminisce with anyone about it. So my advice to you is to stay out as long as possible. Live every second of every day and create a lifetime of memories!

Reason #4. The opportunities are endless- You never know who you will meet

One of the most wonderful things about travel is all the amazing characters you meet along the way. It helps you to broaden your mind and expand that comfort zone you have been tucked away in for so long. You hear people say they are going traveling to 'find themselves' and yes, the cliche is an overload of cheese. But in a way, it is true. It happens to all of us. We don't even see it happening. That is until you return home, and appreciate how much more there is to see out there. The opportunities are endless.

When you are traveling, you find yourselves mixing with the most eclectic bunch of people. Some of which you would have never dreamed of becoming friends with, if this was in your real world. But all 'social norms' go out the window when you are away. You all have one thing in common and can become the best of friends in a matter of days. Part of what inspires me to travel more is hearing all the amazing stories from fellow nomads.

Your knowledge about the world keeps growing and where you may have started off with one country you wanted to explore, you go home with another 10 on the bucket list. In New Zealand, I found myself living with 12 other people in a 5 bedroom flat with one toilet. I shared my room with 2 others and we slept on wooden slats. At first I thought this was going to be chaos, but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life where I met the craziest bunch of personalities! All of which had been thrown together to create this weird kind of family. Each of us had different interests and jobs which made it interesting and varied. My room mate climbed active volcano's for a living! You can imagine how many stories there were to be told!! But this is just an average day in the life of a backpacker.

Reason #5. Money is just an excuse!

I get so sick of hearing people saying 'you must be loaded if you can afford to do all that' or 'daddy obviously earns a lot'. How about you swap that new TV for a flight?! Or that new Michael Kors handbag for a couple of weeks on a desert island?! I have funded every single trip I have ever been on myself! Sometimes even working three jobs to be able to make it happen. But travel does not have to be expensive. You just have to get your priorities straight. Be wise when picking your destinations.

Somewhere like Asia will allow you stay out much longer, as you get so much for your money, so you can stretch out your trip a lot longer. There are also other ways around extending your trip without having to burn a hole in your wallet! Many countries offer work away programme's so you can volunteer and in return receive free board/food. This gives you more time to explore the area and get experience living like a local for a while. You can also volunteer at heaps of hostels across the world. Whether it be a few weeks or months, there are so many options available!

I could go on and on listing reason after reason, but I think you get the jist! Apart from the fact you will gain perspective, experience new adventures, create a scrapbook full of memories and explore all the beauty the world has to offer, you should simply travel just because you can. Because we have the freedom to, and because it beats what you are doing right now!

Let me help you get on the right path, join us for an adventure! <3

Words by Becki Bowen


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