17 Backpacking Secrets for Happiness on the Road

Between the TruFam, we have had rocked up over 100+ years travelling around the world! We have collectively been to every continent (bar Antarctica, any free trips are appreciated!) and we really pride ourselves on our travel knowledge.

Other than the ‘what you should pack’, ‘how you should dress’ and ‘will I make friends’ blogs that are the norm, we wanted to give you our key TOP BACKPACKING SECRETS to travelling ANYWHERE in the world and how WE have survived the travelling tyrant that is ‘Backpacking’.

So here goes, our top 17 Backpacking Secrets and what we hope will be your self help guide to happiness on the road..


  1. Relax and be patient. Unless you’re hungry.
  2. Coils are the best way of killing mosquitos. But a fly swat is more satisfying.
  3. Don’t take life too seriously. But respect the people that do.
  4. Don’t be afraid to accept someone as superior to you, learning is easier that way. Just don’t sell yourself short, learning is and always will be a two way street.
  5. Smiling is a wonderful method of communication. Apart from when you’re looking at the back of a taxi drivers head.
  6. Life is possible without Google! But far less informative.
  7. Squat toilets are actually pretty cool. Seriously, they are.
  8. Don’t panic. Well you can, just don’t show it.
  9. Learn all the games you can. Life is a game. Play it.
  10. Don’t haggle for something if you don’t know its true value! I have lost a lot of money this way. Millionaires need not heed this advice.
  11. Always book the sleeper. Never the hard seat. ALWAYS. ALWAYS!
  12. Try everything once. Except heroin, rape and murder. Don’t do that. Seriously, Don’t.
  13. Get lost. But not TOO lost.
  14. Take a Camera. But not an expensive one.
  15. Always lock your door. But make sure you have keys.
  16. Don’t judge a restaurant by its cover. Judge it by the waiter.
  17. Live life on the edge. Then do a backflip

Happy Tavels and Big Tru’Love!

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