Croatia has a world-class coastline (which gives even The Maldives a run for its money), stunning islands, and a great history (for all of you history buffs out there!) It is a dream destination for so many people and we are so glad it is finally getting its time to shine for European Holidays.There is one way to discover Croatia which beats all others hand down! SAILING IT! No longer do you have to painfully chose which destination to spend a week in - with sailing you can visit 6 incredible locations in 8 days, and you wont feel rushed at all! If you need some more convincing as to why the only way to explore this insane country is if you sail Croatia - check out some other reasons below. *WARNING* Reading this article may lead to complusive booking of a Croatia trip for 2024 - although that's not a bad thing of course!




Imagine waking up to the gentle sway of the boat, surrounded by endless stretches of crystal clear waters. Sailing gives you the freedom to spend your days exploring and swimming in the stunning Adriatic rather than waiting for public transport or even worse getting lost in a car. With Croatia's 1,244 islands at your fingertips, each day allows you to explore a new spot and a chance to explore as much of Croatia as you can in 8 days.



Croatia's coastline is one of the most stunning in the world, with dramatic cliffs, waters that shine and of course plenty of incredible bars along the beach! From the deck of your boat, you'll be treated to insane views and endless photo opportunites too - what could be better? Another amazing thing about sailing is that you will never have to stress about where to go or how long to spend in each place - let us sort that! Trust us this itinerary is perfected and will have the perfect blend of nightlife, history, swimspots and of course city exploring too! We'll go to Hvar, with its glam harbor and great nightlife, Split which is full of rich heritage and Dubrovnik too with its epic medieval walls and timeless beauty - and that just a selection of what you'll see when you sail Croatia! Sailing allows you to hop between these top destinations, creating the ultimate Croatian adventure!



As the day draws to a close, there's no better vantage point for witnessing Croatia's legendary sunsets than from the deck of your sailboat. With beautiful orange and pink skys you can watch the sun go down with a beer or return from a night out to star-gaze on the top deck - now you can't do that in a hotel! Ultimately, you never regret beating the crowds and stepping on to your own epic boat - if you want the adventure of a lifetime and to maximise the amount of incredible opportunites - sailing is the only way to experience Croatia!



To find out more about this EPIC tour check out video below! Or have a look at all of these - if these don't make you grab your passport nothing will!



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