Learn a new language in lockdown! Make the most of being at home, learn a new skill and let's get through this together!

As many of you may know, the TruCrew have been posting a variety of activities and challenges to keep you all entertained during lockdown. Each week we have been sharing with you a video to help you learn a new language, and so here we have put together a mini Thai language lesson for you all. Thailand is a super popular place to travel and what better way to spend lockdown polishing up on your language skills ready for your travels after this is all over.



Reminder: Words end in Krap for males, Ka for females

1. Hello = Sawadee Krap (m) / Sawadee Ka (f) / Sawadee Ha (l)

2. What is your name? = Khoon Chue Arai Krap?

3. My name is... = Pom Chue.../ Chan Chue ...

4. And you? = Khoon La?

5. What is your favourite Thai food? = Koon Chob Aharn Thai Arai Krap?

6. I like noodles = Pom Chob Guay Teaw


Learning the basics will help you out when you are off on your Thailand travels and you will pick up the language, even more, when you are out there! Check out our full Thai lesson on the video below. We hope you enjoy and let us know how you get on!


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You can also sign up for Ling App and start learning Thai online from anywhere.



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