Now that we have your attention… with all the craziness going on in the world at the moment, we thought we would try to inject some positivity into your days.

After our recent blog about maintaining our mental wellbeing in lockdown, where we shared the meditation and yoga videos produced by members of the TruFam also in lockdown, we thought about how news and social media can impact one's mental health. Even in the best of times, studies have found that looking at the news too much or social media can harm our state of mind, so right now it is a wonder any of us are still sane. Or maybe we aren't? I don't even know anymore.


It seems as though no news site is talking about anything but scary C-word (COVID) stories. So we have decided to start our own Good News service on our Tru News channel where we will be sharing positive stories from around the world. Because the world is still beautiful. Even in the middle of this humongous, torrential, catastrophic shit storm going on around us.

Our aim is to bring some uplifting news, inspiring ideas and happiness to your week by giving you a gentle reminder that it's not all bad. There are actually a lot of great (or at least funny) things going on in the world too. So here we will share a bunch of channels and pages we like that spread positivity, good news and interesting/funny shit. Because we all need it right now!




Who remembers when science was cool? No, no one does any more. Well, it used to be, and we think it still is. Back in the day, people would watch rocket launches on TV and celebrate the groundbreaking scientific discovery. Albert Einstein was once one of the most famous and respected people on the planet, but now we seem to be obsessed with celebrating the willingly ignorant and vein. It seems to be all reality tv and fake, brain-numbing shit all over our airways. Need we say more than "leader of the free world"?!?!?! what the F*$£ happened?

Usually, we can escape much of it through travel, but in these times we gotta more proactively look for other things that can expand our mind from home.

We want to help bring back the days when science was as cool as travel, and we think this website is doing great things for the cause. It's called IFL Science, which stands for I Fucking Love Science. We like it. They have wicked social media channels and are always reporting on really cool scientific discoveries, trends and all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

If there's one thing this crisis has shown, it's that we need to pay more attention to nature, science, and the planet, and following these guys is a great way to start. Especially if you don't think science can be fascinating. Cos these guys prove otherwise. Here are a few examples:

Firstly, one that justifies the title of our new news feed and this post:

Here's one about nature:

Robot 'Spy' Gorilla Records Wild Gorillas Farting And Singing For The First Time

And lastly from IFL, what's more good than Sir David Attenborough celebrating his birthday and reminding us with this wonderful video that it is indeed a wonderful world? Not much. Happy birthday Sir David from all of us at Tru!!

Anyway, you can find loooooads more interesting stuff on their site and social media channels about life, humans, animals, nature, our wonderful planet, and the awe-inspiring universe around us.

IFL Science, we salute you!



So what's the next most crucial thing after keeping our brains healthy and active? Laughing, of course. So here are some humorous sites that frequently post funny shit.

NewsThump (UK) & The Onion (USA) are both hilarious satirical news sites that regularly take the piss out of current affairs and stupid shit in the news. Which, let's face it, probably isn't too tricky at the moment. We personally think that at some point in 2015-ish, we slipped into a strange, parallel dimension. A dimension where things like weird, orange, old, reality TV dimwits could become president and stuff.

Admittedly, Trump's antics and the antics of other politicians/public figures around at the moment, make it hard to tell the difference between reality and satire. Still, these sites make us laugh, so we want to share them with you. Here's a couple of examples:

Elon Musk wakes from three-day bender hoping he didn't say anything stupid

No one gives a toss about your ten favourite albums, study reveals

Nation Close To Getting Video Conferencing Software To Work





OK, so while laughing is extremely important, you should probably eat as well if you want to stay healthy. And with your favourite restaurants most likely closed at the moment, you’re gonna have to get off your ass and cook something yourself, aren’t you? And if like me you have absolutely no idea how to cook anything but coco pops and pop tarts, you’re going to have to learn, fast. Well unless you want to live off coco pops and pop tarts. Which as delicious as that sounds, probably doesn’t constitute a very balanced diet.

Anything from cooking or learning to cook is better when laughing. Here’s our new favourite celebrity chef on his channel “Nat’s what I reckon”. OK, so he isn’t a celebrity chef, yet. But IMO he’s better than any celebrity chef. Basically, he’s just a hilarious Ozzy bloke. He is evidently good at cooking and really hates ready meals and jar sauce. So he’s currently on a mission to teach us all how to cook proper meals while in lockdown. Good on ya mate!


So that’s it for now! We hope this gives you some joy and entertainment in these pressing times. But until next time, FUCK jar sauce!

We would love to hear your stories too so if any of you have anything positive to share, please get involved in the comments and send it our way so we can help share the wealth and spread the word. (the wealth and the word in this case being funny/positive/interesting/useful/uplifting/nice news, or just something happy & different).


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