Ok, so you're ready to book your next trip, your dream destination but not sure what your travel style is? Maybe you need a helping hand to find which tour tru-ly sets your wanderlusting dreams on fire. We got you. Whether it's beach vibes, bikinis and bustling night markets you're after or to sail the sea's on a yacht, wind in your hair, every day docking into a different hotspot. We're here to help find you your ultimate adventure and a style that suits you.


What we really mean when we say find your why...is why do you want to travel? What experience do you want to have? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to narrow it down.

1. How would you spend your dream day? Is it relaxing by the pool before a massage, learning about local history and culture, or do you prefer physical activities and challenging yourself? Are you an early bird or late night owl?

2. What's your vibe? All Trutravellers past, present and future are like-minded individuals, who have a passion for seeing the world in an ethical, sustainable way, but as you go deeper, ask yourself what your vibe is. Are you a Flashpacker? Boujee hotels and delicious restaurants? Or do you fancy an authentic off the beaten path, local-style Classic experience. You may be into your fitness and want to experience

3. What tickles your pickle? What's your hobby? Is there anywhere or anything you just HAVE to do whilst on holiday? Maybe you're a massive foodie and loveee to try every and any local dish, or you're a avid surfer riding those waves all day every day. Perhaps the dream trip for you is immersing yourself in culture, history and everything a country has to offer.

4. Do you budget or splash that cassssh? Are you a budget traveller and like to stretch that last $10, or is your motto 'I'm on holiday, so YOLO, it's time to treat myself.'

5. How much time do you have? A week? 2 weeks? Are you on a backpacking extravaganza?

Figure out your why, and hey, you're halfway there. Let's run over our four different travel styles and see what resonates with you.


Built by Backpackers for Backpackers

The original OG of Tru, Combining life-changing experiences with game-changing travel. Our classic tours are at the forefront of backpacker youth travel. Goodbye staring at a map, googling every location 10 times over to find a good local restaurant and paying out of your ears for one minibus ride. The perfect combo of adventure, excitement and the best god damn days of your life. Classic to us means original, authentic, high inclusions and low price points. We're committed to showing you the real countries, the tourist hotspots and the hidden gems that no one but the locals and us know about. We don't do average. We do bigger, better and incomparable. For the solo travellers, the first trip abroad travellers, gap yearers and anyone who wants to see the world but not pay an arm and a leg. Our accommodation can range from homestays to hostels to hotels, from beach huts to boats! Our classic tours are the real deal, and Tru-ly shows you everything our countries have to offer. Our classic tours run across Asia, Latin America & Europe, so there really is something for everyone!


Live Your Best Life

 As we like to call it, Ballin on a budget baby! - Our Flashpacker tours are for those who like that little bit more luxury to experience bucket list experiences in more comfort and style. Is that you? Flashpacker gives you the classic, life-changing travel but with an upgraded comfort experience. Backpacking to flashpacking, it's a premium lifestyle. Taking your accommodation and transport to the next level, from restaurants to resorts to beach clubs and rooftop cocktail bars, flashpacker has everything our classic does but with a bit more spice and sass—the creme de la creme of backpacker tours with all those home comforts along the way. Our Flashpacker style is perfect for our travellers looking for a holiday, some luxury, class and style, for those who want to see the world authentically but prefer hotels to hostels, quirky chic restaurants to local street food. The perfect combination of holiday and youth travel. The natural progression from backpacker to flashpacker. Backpacking but a bit more boujee.


A group taking a muay Thai lesson in Koh Phangan Thailand

Challenge Yourself To Do Something Different

From bucket list's to boot camps, fitness & wellness, if these are ticking all your boxes well, a FitVenture may just be for you! A combination of fitness finesse and exploring and seeing the world. From waterfalls & bike rides to boot camps and cooking classes. FitVentures, yep, it really is in the title, fitness combined with adventure, a combination and experience like no other. Bootcamps on the beach, Acai bowls in the sun and the help and guidance of the best in the biz to up your fitness along the way. From challenging morning hikes up volcanos to learning about culture and heritage with the locals, our fitness adventure's will help you learn both physically and mentally—the perfect tour for those looking to travel and keep fit at the same time. For the influencer and fitness enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to combine a fitness challenge with the holiday and destination of a lifetime. Maybe this is a bit of you. You're guaranteed to come away feeling better both physically and mentally.


A sailing boat on calm blue water.

 Lifes Better On A Boat

Our SailVentures take island hopping to the next level. Liveaboard a stunning yacht as you sail the seas to untold beauty and untouched islands. SailVentures have you docking up into hotspots around the world and exploring tiny islands and off the beaten path hidden gems only accessible by boat. SailVentures combine action & exploration with adventure and jam-packed holiday bliss. Live your very best Yacht life as you sunbathe the days away. Is there anything more magical than sailing into the sunset before having a boat party under the stars? Oi oi captain. From Floatilla boat parties around Europe to docking up into paradise. SailVentures are perfect for those who want to experience something different to hotels and hostels and have a tru authentic sailing experience.


There you have it, our four different trip styles! Can't decide the perfect one for you? Check out our other blogs on Classic Tours, FitVentures, Flashpacker & SailVentures for more info!

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If you have any questions or want to chat some more, hit us up at info@trutravels.com or give us a call on 020 3542 2463

See you on the beach!



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