2025, The year we're all planning to run away, live our best life and become digital nomads (or something like that). But yeah, January is the year for new beginnings, new starts and adding some ticks to that bucket list. So time to ask yourself, 'where should I visit in January 2025? Where's the best place to vacation in January 2025?' Well.. look no further; we're here to tell ya where to find that glorious sunshine and 10/10 adventures!


We have created the ultimate guide for the best places to visit month-by-month. Everyone's avaliability for the year is different, so whether you'll be seeking sun in September or making plans for March we have your back and we'll show you the top places you should consider visiting! The world is wide and the destinations are endless but there's no need to be overwhelmed, trust us and we will show how to get the best out of your travels - no matter when you travel! Check out the other parts of the winter travel series with our Part 1 and Part 3 blogs too!




Thailand! The land of smiles, the destination of dreams! From sparkling turquoise waters to jaw-dropping natural beauty. Thailand has so much more to offer than just its white sandy beaches. With some of the most delicious food in the world alongside its bustling nightlife and bucket list ticking destinations - Thailand has soon become a backpackers haven. I mean, we LOVE it! Thailand was where TruTravels was born, and you'll see a lot of the TruCrew out there this time of year! January is a fantastic time to visit Thailand with it being peak season, and well, the weather is fantastic! Although cooler in the north of Thailand around Chiang Mai, the weather is still enjoyable and perfect for getting your exploration on. Dora, the explorer, 's in the making. Thailand island hopping in January is super popular as the islands come alive and beach bars and hostels are pumping. Basically, if you're not starting your new year in Thailand, well... Have you started it right? Or if you can't decide where to go in the incredible country do it all on the Total Thailand Tour!



Sri Lanka - Firstly… Wow! What a country! From hiking to incredible viewpoints such as Sigiriya rock to venturing on the world-famous Kandy - Ella train and well, who can forget… SAFARI! Sri Lanka is full of an abundance of adventure and natural beauty, meaning January is a fantastic time to visit this country. January in Sri Lanka brings glorious sunshine and hot temperatures all day long, so make the most of the warm, dry weather and don't forget your sunscreen! Sunburn is for losers. If you're heading to Sri Lanka, an absolute must-do is a safari! Head into the jungle and catch a glimpse of elephants, monkeys, buffalos, and so much more. Sri Lanka is WILD! For real...and if that doesn't have you searching for flights or heading to our tour page right now, well.. Throw in glamping under the stars, heading out on river safari and visiting waterfalls and local tea plantations and then you've got yourself a TRU-ly unforgettable trip.



It's the start of a new year, Christmas season has come to an end and the summer blues have well and Tru-ly hit but there's no reason why your adventures should stop now! The ski season has only just begun and we're here for it! Picture this: spending 24 hours exploring the beautiful Barcelona, eating tapas, enjoying a siesta and partying until early hours before heading to Andorra for some epic days filled with skiing, Apre antics and SOOOO much fun! If you've done a ski trip before then you know they are the best way to spend your winter leave and if you haven't... well you've just got trust us on this one and join us on the next tour ;)


You might be thinking! Where are your 2025 Andorra Ski and Apres dates? Well just wait and we'll let you know as soon as they are live! The ski tours for this year have been crazy popular...if you want a spot on this epic tour in 2025 - don't hang about!


There you have it TruFam, these are best places to vacation in January 2025, and we've got a feeling it's going to be a big BIG year!


If you're thinking of joining us on tour, want some inspo to getaway or just want a mate to chat to. Hit us up at


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