February is the month of love, the shortest of the year and the days are starting to slowly get longer! Positive vibes only. Whilst Janaury might of felt like the longest month ever and perhaps a lot of doom and gloom here’s some f***ing good news that’s going on around the world to cheer you up! You’re welcome.

1. A New frog species has been found and named after Greta Thunberg

Firstly, yes for the environment and secondly a big yes for our girl Greta! Her passion and ability to spread the word about climate change is a big woo from the TruFam so as we hear that’s she’s getting wildlife named after her we just have to say - Go girl! A new species of rainfrog was discovered in the Panama jungle in January and has since been named Pristimantis gretathunbergae aka The Greta Thunberg rainfrog and isn’t it cute! (btw the picture above is not the new frog, but a cute one we saw on the Costa Rica tour...)


2. Philippines reopens to tourists after 2 years!

Maybe all that journaling, manifesting and constantly posting throwback pics made it happen or maybe it’s just patience is a virtue or something like that but we are overjoyed, buzzing, shouting it from the rooftops that one of our favourite countries in the world is reopening for tourism! From February 10th fully vaccinated travellers can enter The Philippines without any quarantine! Thought that was good? Well, our life changing tours start in April AND we’ve got up to 30% off. We know, it’s f*cking good news all round!


Photo Creds - The Guardian

3. Tequila fish have been brought back from extinction

2 of our favourite things here at Tru is tequila and snorkeling the depth of tropical waters. So combine those two and you’ve got yourself a tequila fish actually, it’s a freshwater fish but you get the jist. Grab a lime and some salt and let’s raise a shot to the now un-extinct Mexican tequila fish thanks to the UK’s Chester Zoo and the Michoacana University of Mexico colonies of tequila fish are now thriving!


Group of Young Travellers in front of Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia at Sunrise with Palm Trees

4. We're back running tours in Cambodia!

Yes you heard it! After nearly 2 years we’re heading back to the wonderful country of Cambodia! We’re ready to be back watching Angkor Wat at sunrise, sipping cocktails down pubstreet, devouring some delicious street food and exploring the local communities. From March 2022 we’re doing just that! Can we get a wahooooo? See you there!


A scenic view of a small boat on the crystal clear blue water and landscapes of the Greek island in the background.

5. Scientists have created a device that filters microplastics

Microplastics are everywhere. They’re released into the environment by cosmetics, clothing and industrial processes. Anything that’s bulk plastic will eventually break down into microplastics. These eventually find their way into rivers and oceans and have a devastating impact on marine life. Scientists have developed a way to filter microplastics by placing two speakers that create acoustic waves creating a force that separates the microplastics from the water by creating a pressure on the tube of inflowing water. WE LOVE TO SEE IT. GO SCIENCE!


A group selfie at the floating bungalows in Khao Sok National Park Thailand



With all this good news, there’s no better time to secure your spot, book your flights and live your best life exploring the world in 2022 and 2023.


There you have it, some good news to cheer you up! We hope to see you on the beach over a beer soon!

Until then…

Don’t Quit Your Daydream


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