Can I Travel To The Philippines?


We’re desperate to get away. There...we said it.

Every day that passes is another day I haven’t woken up in the Philippines. If you’ve been before you know the feeling. Notripophia - the fear of not having a trip booked. AND I AM STRUGGLING. Island hopping in the Philippines, local beach homestays, snorkelling with turtles. I NEED TO GO BACK. Every day I ask myself, when can I travel to the Philippines? What are the latest travel restrictions in the Philippines? Should I stop online shopping for bikinis when winter is coming? NAAHH...A £3 swimsuit is a bargain, and I’ll be back in crystal clear waters, tanning in El Nido one day. Plus I need a swimsuit for surfing in Siargao, so actually, it’s an ESSENTIAL, A NEED not a want. Anyway…although I don’t know all the answers to when borders will open in the Philippines as believe it or not I’m not the president of the Philippines, (Still a Queen though) so here’s the latest on what we do know…


What The Philippines Government Says:

While the Philippines is still closed for tourists like us, starting November 1st the Philippines will be accepting foreigners with investor or work permits! While this likely isn't any of us, it is a small step in the right direction!

What The UK Government Says:

The Philippines is still on the list of countries where you will need to quarantine for 14 days upon return to the UK.

Our Verdict:

Like most other countries, the Philippines is unfortunately still off limits for anyone just looking for a holiday. For now we’ll keep our hopes up and fingers crossed the Philippines reopens along with the rest of southeast Asia soon!

Yes we’re not running away just yet, but let’s get a plan together and get this ball rolling! THE SHOW MUST GO ON. So here’s all you need to know before you grab your backpack and head off to the Philippines!


The Philippines is pretty straight forward with its weather. 7,000 islands 2 main seasons. WET and dry! The best time to visit is between November to May which are the summer months (and just happen to be the chunk of time we run our tours)! So basically if you’re wanting a winter getaway the Philippines is THE place to be. Ya feel me? The wet season runs from June to October, although it’s still pretty warm it brings quite a bit of rain. So if you still want to lay out on the beach, but you don’t mind holding an umbrella over ya head whilst you read your kindle, travel then. Just kidding SUMMER IS WHERE IT’S AT! Typhoon season starts in september for around a month so best avoid heading out then!


So many questions, so little answers. With 7,000 Islands where should you visit?

With its sub tropical climate there really is no better place to spend your holiday than the Philippines. Here’s some adventures and activities that SHOULD be on your bucket list when visiting this beauty of a country!

Isla Experience

Are you ready to get off the beaten track? Have you really been there if you haven't immersed yourself in the local culture. You have to visit and take part in the Isla Experience, a TruExclusive! Spend 3 days 2 nights living the ultimate beach babe / wildlife warrior lifestyle. Think Tom Hanks in Castaway. Without the crash, the unruly hair and the obsession with volleyball. WILSON. Ok so nothing like Tom Hanks, but volleyball is pretty sick and can be played on the island! Strip back to basics and stay in local bamboo huts beach front. Take a Filipino cooking class from the legendary island locals themselves as the sun sets. Music playing, burnt orange sunsets and some of the best food in the Philippines, cooked by yours Tru-ly! Spend your days Island hopping visiting Piggy beach, YES PIGGY BEACH! Could it get any better? I don't think so...

El Nido Island Hopping

Google best island hopping destination in the world and El Nido will come up. I mean DUHHH Have you seen it? It’s P-A-R-A-D-I-S-E Turquoise lagoons amongst emerald green lakes. El Nido has you thinking you’re straight out a heavily edited insta snap. THIS IS REAL LIFE. Every backpacker’s dream and travel inspiration. Spend your days sailing from island to island before grabbing a snorkel and jumping in. Look out for Nemo’s, Dory’s even a few turtles if you’re lucky! Grab you go pro guys, it’s a gooden. You want it. El Nido has got it. WE LOVE YOU EL NIDO.

Surf Lessons in Siargao

SHAKAS UP GUYS LET’S GO! Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines. Therefore you have to visit and at least half attempt a stand up on the board. The guides here are some of the best and will have you riding those waves in no time at all. DISCLAIMER - After one surf lesson you have to throw a shaka hand signal to every fellow surfer on the island until you leave. It’s the law...well not really, but everybody pretty much does it. Ride those waves baby or just sit on the beach taking the piss out of your mates attempting it. Whether you're a Pro surfer or just Pro-blematic, it’s a sick day and experience not to be missed.






Hey, if you don’t go, you’ll never know right?

As Always TruFam,

Don't Quit Your Daydream

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