We know how it feels to finish Uni and think, what now? You spend so many late nights in the library, the student union and with your friends, and now it’s time to enter the “real world”. It can feel daunting and overwhelming, but it’s okay to not know what you want to do next and to take a break. So why not take that break immersing yourself in a new culture and having life changing experiences? We’ve put together the ultimate gap year package and guide so you can plan your travels.





Excuse the pun, but sorry, how good is that song? Your summer plans in between graduating and your next step are sorted. Experience new foods, cities and cultures and have one of the best summers of your life. If you have your sea legs on, we have our Sailventure and Classic tours that focus on Croatia and Greece - live out your ultimate Mamma Mia fantasy! Or, if you’re more of a thrill seeker, we have our brand new ski tour to Andorra.




You can Island hop between the Philippines and Indonesia, head to mainland Cambodia or Vietnam and end in Borneo. This region is raw, exciting and VERY cheap! There’s beautiful beaches, incredible foods and the people are wonderful. Our Discover Asia tour is over a month long and covers Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and allows you to snorkel and scuba dive on Koh Tao, take part in a traditional Cambodian cooking class, and travel via the Hai Van Pass and take in the most wonderful sites. There is a perfect mix of activities, relaxing and sightseeing. We have a wide range of Asia tours to choose from, each with its own special itinerary, destinations and spots.





Whether you want to do a long working trip in Oz, or experience sandy beaches, there’s plenty to do. Check out our guide to being aware of everything that goes on in the land down under here and our 16-day itinerary here. You’ll see the Sydney Opera House and Byron Bay, you can surf, snorkel and you may even spot dolphins and whales!





There’s Costa Rica, Mexico, Columbia and Peru to choose from! You can zipline through forests, hike the colourful Rainbow Mountain, party in Tulum, and see beautiful nature spots. There are life-changing experiences to be had in each one of these stunning destinations.





Feel like you’re Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love and experience life in India. This country is rich with culture, food and architecture. We’ll visit the Taj Mahal, look for tigers on a safari trip and have a trip like no other. There are two tours to choose from, each with phenomenal opportunities and activities to take part in. You will not regret soaking in the culture and having the adventure of a lifetime.


It is perfectly normal to feel burned out after studying and feel like you need a break. And if you want to celebrate all of your hard work over the past 3 years with the adventure of a lifetime, then please feel free to get in touch with us here, or email



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