Top 10 Instagram worthy hot spots in South East Asia

South East Asia is paradise, it's as simple as that. If you're looking for a destination that will tick every box on your never ending list. South East Asia is it. Whether you're the ultimate Insta influencer with 5 million followers or you're just looking to snap some shots to show the grandkids. We've got you. We're rounded up the best destinations to visit to get the ultimate 100+ likes on ya pics. IF YOU DIDN'T POST IT, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN RIGHT? 


Girl sat on rock overlook halong bay in Vietnam

First up to the East of Hanoi, in the north of Vietnam, lies Halong Bay. Halong BAE. We like to call it. If you haven't been, book your flight now. A UNESCO World Heritage Site which is more beautiful than a young Leonardo Dicaprio holding a puppy. Take the exburent trek up to Bai Tho and Titop mountain to get your snap and the likes will be rolling in faster than the sweat dripping down your face. An absoloute must visit. 


Girl sat in giant bamboo basket looking out to jungles and rice terraces in Ubud

Next up. Ubud! Bali, It has to be on your bucket list. Bali is well known for its beauty, head to the rice terraces, look out until the distance and pretend someone isn't taking your photo. BOOM you've got it. Caption 'RICE, RICE BABY ;) ' You're welcome.If you've got a little more adrenaline in your blood swing away on the famous Bali Swing. The ultimate swinging into 2021 post and a hell of a good time whilst you're at it. Filming content whilst feeling content. What a combo.



Girl walking into the sea with pink sunset and palm trees


Forget about the busy backpacker streets full of travellers off their face, Thailand has got plenty of Insta hotspots. One of our favourites is Koh Tao so make sure you head there if you really wanna really spark up your feed. Found in the Southwest of Thailand, there is so much more to Koh Tao than just a popular diving destination. Take a sunset stroll along the beach (stop off at a few beach bars), and you might be lucky to get that golden shot.



Girl walking into Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia with trees around

Travelling in Cambodia is like stepping back in time thanks to the insane ancient history that fills the country. In particular, Angkor Wat temple which has to be one of the top places to capture those snaps on your adventure here. It's even better when you head there for sunrise so make sure you don't have too much of a heavy one the night before cos it is so worth it. Unless you can handle your hangovers of course. If you are not an early riser then don't worry as the sunset is just as impressive. Our good friend @backpackwithme sure knows how to get a good shot here. Go check her page on Insta cos she sets the bar high.



Girl patting an elephant wearing red and blue skirt with hat on

There are so many things to do in the Chiang Mai, so make sure don't miss out on coming here. Spend a day caring for the big friendly elephant’s and get your heart pumping zip-lining through the jungle. You don't just need to travel here for the Instagram snaps, but to have fun and realise your adrenaline as well. It's a win-win.

If you are heading out in November make sure you do not miss the Yi Peng festival where the sky is lit up by lanterns. (Magical moment and especially to get those sick pics!)



View of Padar viewpoint in Indonesia

Another one of our top 10 Instagram worthy hotspots is Padar viewpoint in Indonesia. Boyyyy it's a real show-stopper to brighten up your news feed. Head off the beaten track in Indonesia to get a slightly different experience than just your everyday classic traveller to find this impressive view. It's a bit more difficult to get to but the bumpy boat rides and sweaty walks will be well worth it when you get there.


Colourful lantern stall in Vietnam with lady sat making lanterns

Hoi An is nothing but a cute and colourful little town with so much character to it. Try not to get too tipsy on the local rice wine while you're here so you can take a cycle ride around the streets. Line your stomach with some of the local street food, and then you can get back on the drinks again. It's also quite fun to get your very own tailor-made suit or to have a traditional lantern making class if you're feelin' like doing something a bit different. Oh, and if you hadn't guessed, it's a great place to snap up some colourful pics too.



girls in sea hammocks with bright blue water and blue sky behind

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves on your own private beach and spending your days swinging in sea hammocks. Sounds bliss, right? Get yourself to Koh Rong in Cambodia and you will honestly feel like you are in paradise. The seawater is so clear if you opened your eyes underwater you'd be able to perfectly see the colourful fish everywhere, and the surrounding white sandy beaches will make your photography skills look like you're a professional. well, you can at least pretend, hey. Relax on the swings in the sea and sip on ice-cold cocktails and enjoy yooo self.



Instagram picture of girl lying on pink beach, Indonesia

Sandy beaches are great, right? But there is something really cool about lying on a PINK beach. Maybe because it's a very rare sight, or maybe because it looks cool in a picture, but either way, Pink Beach in Indonesia looks even better in real life so you definitely won't be disappointed.



Girl laying on tree looking out to waterfall and trees

For the first time canyoners and waterfall lovers, the Kawasan Falls will be just up your street. Located in Badian, the falls are home to 3 natural waterfalls, which are found within a luscious green jungle. At 65 feet tall, canyoneering here is not for the faint-hearted, but if you’ve always wanted to cure your fear of heights, there’s no better way to do it. Or if you're like Aggie, pop on your swimsuit and hang out in the trees.



For more inspo on how you can brighten up your Instagram feed, check out our Instagram and prepare to get a real urge to jet away to paradise.



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