Greek Sailing - Ballin' On A Budget

So as many of you know I went to Greece at the beginning of August, I mean you should know, I posted it all over Insta and even wrote a blog about it... Haven't you seen it? God, where have you been? Check it out here.


This year Greece has become THE place to be, with crystal clear waters, unbelievable cuisine and 2 Euro beers. What more could you ask for?! But is there a better way to see Greece? With over 200 inhabited islands have you really seeeeen Greece by just visiting one? With the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks sailing the Aegean sea on their superyacht, living the dream, island hopping from day to day, I had to think... Are these yachts only for the rich & famous?


This sparked a conversation with us at Tru, we've always been committed to giving you life-changing experiences at a fraction of the price. Therefore I CONVINCED THE GUYS TO BUY A BOAT. No, Just kidding but we HAVE chartered a massive 52ft yacht to give you, ALL past, present and future TruTravellers (especially me) that little taste of the rich and famous. Sure I'll be bringing my knock off ray bans and Primark swimsuit, but I'm going to be on a yacht so yeah call me Gemma Dicaprio from here onwards. Please do, I love him. I'm dreaming of spending the morning snorkelling and sipping champagne from frosted glass flutes whilst sailing from island to island.

Actually naaaah. That dream's becoming a reality.

Wind in my hair, sailing the sea, crystal clear waters splashing up at my feet pulling out all those poses like I'm being snapped for the cover of Vogue. TOO MUCH? NAH NEVER. One day I'm at a beach club in Mykonos, the next day at a local winery in Paros. Hit up ancient ruins in Naxos. Cultured AF or watching the sunset over the Caldera in Santorini. GREECE. IS. THE. DREAM. I'm on a yacht, what more can you expect?



Imagine stepping off the boat every morning on a different island. One day we're reenacting Mamma Mia, the next day you're James Bond slow-mo walking out of the sea. Low key I've always wanted to be a bond girl. Am I ready to not have another Gyros or devour another plate load of Tzatziki for another year? No, I AM NOT. I'm going to Greece, I'm going to Santorini, to Mykonos, to Paros, to Ios, to Naxos. If it ends in OS, I'm going there! Oi oi Captain, we have our heading! I'm going wine tasting, checking out the ancient ruins, and eating fresh seafood every day before resting my weary head with the ultimate Trucrew on the yacht. Mannnn did I mention our accommodation is a 52ft yacht? Yes, we're classy! Ask Harry Maguire if he’d have preferred a week anchored to the pristine seafloor and not...ahem, somewhere else. Although, we already have a massive fridge on board so he may not have been admitted.


 The new key word in the world is “bubble” I mean it’s been talked about so much this year it’s probably been number 1 trending on Twitter since the pandemic started. But It’s true, it’s good to have a controlled environment, to know who and what you’re sharing your stuff with. Who’s clean or who need’s throwing overboard back into the sea for another dip. Another reason I’m 1000% down for sailing. We’re in our own little bubble. Just us, the Captain and the ocean for 8 days. It’s clean, It’s safe and It’s probably the best way to travel for the moment. Plus you’re on a bloody yacht. Duh.


Here's where things get reaaaaaally interesting! With just two exclusive departures (Sept 27th and Oct 11th), we had a little look at flights from London to Mykonos. Brace yourselves, at the time of writing they're only £80! That's cheaper than getting a train up to Manchester.

Yes, 2020 has been a shit show, but seriously, it doesn't have to wind down that way... I'm heading back to Greece. Meet you at the airport, yeah?


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