July is a fabulous month, filled with sun, blue skies and good times. The only way to make it better? Having a holiday to look forward to! But where should you go? The options seem endless so we're here to do the bulk of the work for you. We've pulled together the best places to visit in July 2024 because we all deserve a stress-free vacation, right? Whether you want a getaway on the ocean, or wanna visit Europe, Latin America or Asia, we've got you covered... Check out the top destinations to vacation in July 2024 below and get ready to start packing those bags...

We have created the ultimate guide for the best places to visit month-by-month. Everyone's avaliability for the year is different, so whether you'll be seeking sun in September or making plans for March we have your back and we'll show you the top places you should consider visiting! The world is wide and the destinations are endless but there's no need to be overwhelmed, trust us and we will show how to get the best out of your holiday - no matter when you travel! Check out the other parts of the summer travel series with our Part 1 and Part 3 blogs too!


People dream of a European summer and it's not hard to see why. The sun is shining, the temperatures are hot and the seas are cool and refreshing, sippin' on delicious Aperol Spritz - you can't beat it! But it's clear that no European summer would be complete without a lil trip to Croatia! Combining the stunning turquoise waters that the Adriatic sea is so famous for, the richness of culture easily visible in Dubrovnik and the lush areas at the lakes in Mljet National Park, Croatia is the place to be in July 2024. We hit all the best spots on our Croatia Sailing Adventure from walking tours in Split and Dubrovnik (obv we need to see where all the best Game of Thrones scenes were shot), to kayaking and cycling around beautiful blue lakes and swimming and snorkelling the days away (did we mention that we throw our own TruFloatilla party?!!!). We know one thing for sure. We'll be living our best life in Croatia in July, so..what's stopping you?



Greece... the land of white-sand beaches and turquoise blue seas, of ancient history and culture and crazy beach clubs, of gyros and raki (if you know, you know). Why wouldn't Greece be on your list for 2024? July is the perfect month to visit Greece as the sun is HOT HOT HOT. So when it comes to lying on that beach with a cocktail in hand, you know your tan will be up to scratch and you'll be set for the best summer getaway of your life. Hop aboard our live aboard boat and spend your days swimming in crystal clear waters, island hopping the days away and discovering Greece's hidden gems. Haven't heard of them? Some personal favourites are the hidden caves in Vrika beach, the stunning Blue Lagoon in Syvota (considered one of the most beautiful beach in the Ionian Sea for its green and blue waters) and the colourful seaside town of Parga. If sailing isn't your thang and you prefer to island hop on land, no stress. Explore Greece on our 9 day Greece Island Hopper. We're taking you to some of the hottest islands in ALL of Europe!. Who can say no to watching sunset from Santorini's famous sunset spot, Oia? exploring Athens and it's iconic Acropolis? partying until sunrise in Ios? Hey, you may even fancy hitting up the best beach clubs in Mykonos? Join us in Greece this summer and we can promise you it'll be a 10/10 life-changing, bucket list ticking good time!



Mexico! Pass us the tequila! Just kidding, but the food, drinks, beach and lifestyle in Mexico is out of this world and a great place to visit over the summer! The best thing about going to the Yucatán region in July rather than in March and April (when there is less rain) is that it's one of the hotter months so perfect for all those beach days. (Don't forget your suncream.. we do not take responsibility if you burn yourself to the colour of a lobster) Visit Holbox, Tulum or the party hotspot of Cancun for golden sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters. July is an ideal time to beat the crowds at certain hotspots around the Mayan Riviera such as Chichen Itza, the Tulum ruins and the cenotes! Whether you're interested in culture or soaking in the sun, our Mexico - Yucatán Experience gives you it all, from exploring the beautiful Caribbean coastline, swimming in impressive freshwater Cenotes, marvelling at the 7 colour lagoons to discovering the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. We're partying in Merida and watching the days pass, chillin' in a sea hammock, una cerveza in hand. TruTravels, it's a lifestyle you know? way ticket to Mexico, anyone?




Now Japan might not be the first place you think of visiting during summer but it is a great time to go due to the weather being super warm and there are plently of festivals during July which creates a great atmosphere across the whole of Tokyo. If you are visiting Japan this summer be sure to take the scenic route by bullet train and speed through Japan! Marvel at Tokyo's glowing lights, walk the epic, historic ancient walls of Osaka and explore Kyoto's famous temples.

There ya go! Those are the best places to travel in July 2024! Now you know what to do. Book that place ticket, reserve that space on tour and get excited for the summer of your dreams! ! If you need any more travel inspo, feel free to send us an email on or check out our socials!



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