At the core of the TruFam, we have the Tru Crew. These are the guys who keep things ticking over while the rest of us have fun in the sun. We have our small but awesome ops teams in various countries around the world, the UK crew in Kingston consisting of marketing, finance & customer care, our global Ministry of Culture (HR but much more fun) and of course our legendary Travel Ninjas (guides), trained by the ancient masters of the Tru Dojo (secret ninja training department), atop mount Tru (2nd floor of our Asia HQ on an undisclosed Thai island).


 Once you book, our dedicated Before You Go Team in our U.K HQ will help you with everything you need to get ready for a trip you will never forget. From the moment you touch down overseas our Travel Ninjas will use their superhuman powers to ensure you and your new travel mates have the most amazing time of your lives in paradise.


You can contact us at any time day or night via our live chat on our website or via email on, or just slide on down into our Facebook or Insta DMs. Whatever floats your boat. There are no stupid questions. Hahaha, actually there are loads of stupid questions but we won't tell anyone if you ask us one. Seriously, feel free to hit us up with anything, at any time. We are here to fulfil your every travel related need (within reason). We can help you arrange transport before, after or in between tours, give advice on other stuff to do, flights, insurance, what to pack, and anything else you might be worried about.


When you travel with us you become part of the TruFam. A global network of awesome humans who love travel and look out for each other; even when your tour is over you can contact us for any advice you might need whilst still travelling (or after), if you get in a spot of bother, we have your back. Even if you just wanna come back around and hang with the crew that's fine with us (as long as you're cool). Our crew is made up of fun, like-minded, people who get a kick out of sharing our experiences with others and connecting people from around the globe.


How do our crew make our trips so much better than everyone else's? We work hard at making our trips feel less like conventional "tours" (we hate that word), and more like taking crazy road trips with a bunch of old friends through new and exotic places. Luckily for all of us, one of these old friends happens to know where they are going so you can get the most out of your trip. Every time.


Now you know a bit about us, we very much look forward to meeting you in person. You've almost certainly never met anyone like us.


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