Ciao belli! So happy you’re here! If you’ve just so happened to have stumbled on this blog then we have a slight feeling you might be heading to the land of pasta and pizza, the gorgeous Italy! We’re not wrong, are we? Well… maybe we are, but if you’re keen to learn a few phrases in what we believe to be one of the sexiest languages on earth (we’re talking about Italian ofc) then you’ve come to the right place!


Lucky for you, we have an Italian bilingual as part of the TruFam and she’s here to tell you all about the best phrases and words to learn to make your trip that little bit easier! So what are you waiting for… Let’s get started!





First thing’s first, greetings:


Hello/Hi - Ciao

Good morning - Buongiorno

Good evening - Buonasera

Good night - Buonanotte

Goodbye- Ciao/ Arrivederci (use this if want to look like pro)

We gotta have those manners:

Please - Per favore

Thank you - Grazie

You're welcome - Prego

Excuse me - Scusi (formal) / Scusa (informal)



Common Courtesies:

Yes - Sì

No - No

Excuse me/pardon - Mi scusi (formal) / Scusami (informal)



My name is... - Mi chiamo...

What's your name? - Come ti chiami?


Asking for Help:

Can you help me? - Può aiutarmi? (formal) / Puoi aiutarmi? (informal)

I don't understand - Non capisco



Where is...? - Dove si trova...?

How can I get to...? - Come posso arrivare a...?

Left - Sinistra / Right - Destra

Straight ahead - Sempre dritto



Ordering Food and Drinks:

Menu, please - Il menù, per favore

I would like... - Vorrei…
Water- Acqua
Wine- Vino

A beer- Una birra
A coffee- Un caffè

The bill, please - Il conto, per favore


Travel and Transportation:

Airport - Aeroporto

Train station - Stazione del treno

Bus - Autobus

Taxi - Taxi

Ticket - Biglietto



1 - Uno / 2 - Due / 3 - Tre / 4 - Quattro / 5 - Cinque

6 - Sei / 7 - Sette / 8 - Otto / 9 - Nove / 10 - Dieci


How much does it cost? - Quanto costa?

I would like to buy... - Vorrei comprare...

Can I pay with a credit card? - Posso pagare con la carta di credito?


Emergency Phrases (you never know when you might need these!):

Help! - Aiuto!

I need a doctor - Ho bisogno di un medico

Where is the nearest hospital? - Dove si trova l'ospedale più vicino?

So there you go! We hope you enjoyed our Italian lesson! Don't stop there as we have got a Filipino lesson ready for you! ;)


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