How awesome would it be if you could speak a new language ready for your next adventure?! Well, we can help you out with our Tagalog Filipino lessons for beginners. Whether you are planning an island hopping adventure across the whole of the The Philippines or you want to explore the East or the West separately this is a perfect skill to make you ready for your trip!

The Philippines is made up of 7,461 islands, and there are 120-175 languages spoken across the country; however, the national language spoken is Tagalog. On your Philippines travels, you will find it super useful to know the basic phrases of their language so go and get stuck into our lesson below!


1. Hello - SAME

2. How are you? - Kumusta ka?

3. My name is - Ako po ay si

4. Goodbye - Paalam!

5. Thank you - Salamat!

6. Thank you very much - Maraming Salamat Po!


Addressing strangers:

Older brother - Kuya

Older sister - Ate

Delicious - Masarap

Happy - Masaya

I am happy - Ako ay masaya!




1. Mabuhay - To live!

2. Maganda - Good looking

3. Ikaw ay Maganda - You are beautiful/pretty!

4. Mano Po - Respectful greeting to elders




We hope you enjoyed our Filipino lesson! Don't stop there as we have got a Thai lesson for beginners ready for you next! ;)





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