Travelling Latin America is an experience everyone should encounter. From a visit to the awe-inspiring Inca city of Machu Picchu to island hopping around the Carribean sea in Colombia. A trip to Latin America will completely blow your mind. Or if you fancy exploring Central America we have that sorted too, with epic adventures in Mexico and Costa Rica - you'll be spoilt for choice for your next holiday! Whether you are travelling solo or heading on a group tour, we have put together some tips to help you prepare for your adventure.  So here you have it Ladies, Gentlemen and hounered guests - 6 tips for travelling Latin America!



Have a go learning the local lingo! Latin America is made up of the entire continent of South America as well as Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean islands. This whole area was colonised by the Spanish and Portuguese in the late 15th-century meaning, the main languages spoken are Spanish & Portuguese. Although the dialect of Spanish is slightly different, learning the basics will for sure be a big help when chatting to locals and getting around during your travels. Whether it's just a 'Hola' or 'Gracias' or 'Dos cervezas por favour' it will be much appreciated!



Every country in Latin America has a fascinating, unique culture. Although a big part of travelling is about exploring epic places, getting to know the locals and their way of life is a significant factor too! Spend a day at a rural village in Costa Rica, get hands-on cooking the local cuisine, give your guide a cheesy smile when you're out on an orientation tour and don't be afraid to have a chat to the locals at their market stalls. You got this!



We all know ATMs can often be temperamental, where ever you are in the world. The US currency is most commonly used to exchange into each local currency, so it's worth bringing a wad of dollars as a backup, to be on the safe side. In most hotels and larger restaurants, you can use your card; however, most smaller places such as little markets you will need cash in the local currency. It's worth checking out some travel cards, such as Revolut, to minimise your transaction fee when withdrawing money!



If you're a big foodie like us, make sure you dive into the cuisine; it's mouth-watering and all-round delicious!! Each country within Latin America all have their local dishes. In fact, each city often have their own too. Ceviche in Peru, Bandeja Paisa in Colombia, Mole & Tacos in Mexico and Gallo Pinto in Costa Rica - prepare for your taste buds to tingle. They don't hold back with their chillis!



The landscape and scenery across Latin America is something else. From overlooking the Minca jungle in Colombia, witnessing an active volcano in Costa Rica, spending a day walking around Machu Picchu in Peru and checking the ancient ruins in Mexico. Capturing these extraordinary moments is an absolute must on your travels.



Last but not least; be wild, be adventurous, and step out of your comfort zone! Conquer your fear of heights ziplining in Costa Rica through the jungle, test your adrenaline white water rafting in Peru and dive into the freshwater pools known as Cenotes that Mexico is blessed with. No matter what your fears are or what you are looking to do on your travels, try something new and make the most of the surroundings you are in. You won't regret it ;)

There you have our top 6 tips for travelling Latin America. Now you have some top advice, there is no better time to start planning your 2021 holiday to Latin America. Like with all places, keep your belongings safe, and generally be wary of your surroundings! Whether you are thinking of travelling solo or looking to head out with a bunch of friends, a group tour makes the experiences a lot more enjoyable and super relaxing. Check out our incredible Latin America tours if you are looking to head out on an adventure there. Big Love!




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