Lying in the heart of South America, Peru is full of endless amounts of hidden treasures and world-famous attractions which will truly leave you speechless. With mountains and lakes that look too good to be true and historical world heritage sites that are an absolute bucket list experience, have a read below of all the top things to do on your travels in Peru.

Sit back and relax because what you’re about to read will completely blow you away, and we’re not responsible for your sudden urge to get on a flight and jet off to Peru. Well, maybe we are ;)

Machu Picchu


When most think of Peru, the first thing that will come into your head is the world-famous Machu Picchu. Not only is it one of the Seven Wonders of the World, but this ancient Inca site also has the most spectacular views you will ever witness. That’s a fact. Found in the heart of the Andes, this incredible heritage site which was built in the Inca empire and is now one of the most visited places in the world.

Travelling in Peru and exploring Machu Picchu has to be one of the top things to do on your travels in South America. A limited number of 500 people are allowed to visit Machu Picchu per day; therefore, as you can imagine, getting a pass can sometimes be quite a challenge. Make sure you book up that trip in good time, so you don’t miss out on on a visit here.

Inca Trail view


It’s often said the Inca trail is one of the best treks you’ll do not just in Latin America, but across the whole world! Depending on how much time you have and what type of challenge you’re up for, you can either take on the Mollepata 4-day trek, which is 25 miles trekking to extremely high altitudes, the Classic shorter trek, and One Day trek. On all three you’ll be surrounded by epic views so believe us when we say - you've just got to go to find out how amazing it really is! #JustGo

Cusco city


Cusco is a super popular place to visit for everyone on your travels in Peru. The city was once the capital of the Incan empire and has now evolved to be a historical and fascinating stop off in Peru.

Spend a couple of days wandering around the cobbled streets, stop off at a cafe to try the delicious local food and test your salsa dancing skills at one of the many salsa bars! A fun-place for the perfect mixture of culture and unleashing your dancing moves.

Lake Humanity - vietpoint


Another best thing to do in Peru is to explore the incredible mountains and lakes that cover the country. On our travels in Peru, Lake Humantay has to be one of the most impressive lakes we checked out. Expect an early 4 am start from Cusco but honestly take our word for it - it’s so worth it!

Amazon rainforest


What’s a visit to South America without checking out the incredible Amazon rainforest! The Amazon is the world's largest rainforest covering over eight different countries in South America accompanied by a magnificent array of wildlife, birds, mammals and fish. Due to its immensely rich ecosystem, the Amazon boasts spectacular views of clouds lingering above the trees, creating a dark shadow on the forest floor and a misty fog above. Worry not, whether you take on a trek into the Amazon or enjoy a birds-eye view jetting off in the sky, you will be amazed at the views across this unbelievable surrounding.

Rainbow mountain - Peru


It's questionable whether the earth made this spectacular rainbow mountain to make our Instagram feeds look DAMN HOT. As you can see in the picture below, the views are absolutely mesmerising. The perfect day trip from the capital city of Lima - have an early start to trek an all-round of 6 miles and stop off at the impressive rainbow mountain along the way. Of course, the weather can depend on how good you can get your Insta worthy shots, but the colours in the photos look just as good in person!


As you can see, there are so many things to do in Peru, and we have only just touched on a few of the best things to do there. If you fancy an adventure in this amazing country in South America, check out the video below for further inspo and join us for the ultimate experience on our 9 Day Peru-Inca Adventure. You don't want to miss out!







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