In the spirit of not quitting our daydream, the mileage our TruCrew has racked up means we know a little sumthin' sumthin' about the best places to travel to between November 2020 - May 2021. No one has ever had a bad time researching where their next stop is going to be, so now that We're Back, Beaches, what's the harm? Look out for our blog series over the coming few weeks, giving you travel inspo that'll have you drooling, dreaming, and making you a little bit frisky in all likelihood...



Group of travellers on boat in bikinis surrounded by bright blue sea and islands


Monsoon season takes a walk by November making the Philippines a must-visit for your 2020 travels. Let's face facts here people, our summer is going to piss off on us quicker than Dominic Cummings can belt up the M1 during a lockdown. When it does, we're gonna need some heat and some Vitamin D. The West of the Philippines, in particular, will be the place to be with average temperatures between 24 - 31C. You won't be a sweaty mess either when you're spending your days island-hopping, locks flowing above the turquoise waters more majestically than THAT Nicolas Cage GIF. You know the one. Throw in some best buddies (you'll be graduated to TruFam member), some beers, some snorkels and your November will shit all over everyone else's!

TruTravels Phillippines Island Hopper Group

Oh, and that's before we talk things to do in the West. Cool off in the stunning waterfalls in El Nido, zipline over the beautiful Nacpan Beach, snorkel amongst Japanese shipwrecks in Coron and stay on an exotic private Castaway Island. You catching our drift yet? Thought you might be. We dare you not to read through this 10-day dream, complete with some TruExclusives.


Girl sat on rock with TruTravels vest on saying 'JustGo' with hands in the air looking out to the sea


There's a reason TruTravels began in Thailand, but of course, you already know that. Still, Thailand is a big beauty but has some pretty changeable weather throughout the year. If you're looking to get away in November, you need head South. Practically guaranteed tropical sunshine after the end of the rainy season will hit between 28 - 34C on average. Khao Tao, specifically under the waves is basically a real-world set of Finding Nemo. Scuba diving here is a must, and it's actually difficult to find a spot that isn't a marine metropolis. The locals include all sorts of tropical dudes like queenfish, clownfish, angelfish, boxfish, pufferfish, barracuda (big fish!) not to mention stingrays, sea turtles (yaaaaaaaas!) and if you're lucky, which is already the case as you're in Khao Tao, whale sharks! You'll be truly in awe, then the sunset happens and TruTravellers have been known to cry. No bullshit.

Koh Phangan is then the ultimate in free-spirited vibes with numerous beautiful beaches, rooftop bars, infinity pools, plus a monthly beach party that is really obscure and not globally famous at all...

TruTravels Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

All parties are not created equal, The Full Moon Party should be mandatory for every open-minded, serotonin-chasing 20-something that has ever existed. Just so you know, making it to see the sunrise is the minimum innings requirement so enjoy the marathon, avoid the sprint. Any sore heads will not survive the subsequent journey southwest from Koh Phangan to Phi Phi. An almost spiritually beautiful set of islands made famous by a young and fearless Leonardo Di Caprio in one of our absolute favourite movies, The Beach (that soundtrack though). It's impossible not to be deeply affected by a few days in Southern Thailand, especially in November while your mates are, well fucking miserable let's be honest. You still have the breathtaking Khao Sok National Park to explore while spending a night on floating bungalows. Obviously, if you're cool enough for a TruTravels trip (you are, we checked). Truly paradise!

Time for an itinerary? Oh, go on then - Thailand Island Hopper tour.


Group of travellers jumping with hands in the air in front of Angkor Wat temple


Too many people slept on Cambodia for too long and the result is arguably the most authentic cultural experiences of Southeast Asia. Surprise, surprise the rainy season will have also packed up and moved on by November. A balmy 25C temperature average with surprisingly low humidity and if it does ever rain, a morning rain dance sans layers is a blissful start to your day. This country has something to offer everyone, with heaps of culture, stunning islands, buzzing nightlife, and some epic relaxation spots, so you definitely won't be disappointed.

Three sentences on Cambodia without mentioning the Buddhist temple complex of Angkor Wat is probably some sort of internal TruTravels record. Fun fact, it's the largest religious monument in the world and is much more than just a photo opportunity. The way of life here, genuinely leaves you questioning why those stresses you left behind at home could ever exist again.

If Thailand is a mad man and the Philippines is a supermodel, Cambodia is definitely the deep thinker. Then be sure to add Koh Rong Samleom to your list – a stunning island getaway where you can soak up the sun snoozing in hammocks on the water, contemplating life, love, literary masterpieces or lunch.

TruTravels Koh Rong Beach in Cambodia

No trip to Cambodia can be undertaken without understanding the true abomination of the country's recent past - The Khmer Rouge. It's a chilling story to be told, it will be upsetting and shocking but honestly, when you see how far this nation has come in a short space of time you will feel oddly uplifted. Who couldn't use some of that feeling after this craptacular 2020 so far? Southeast Asia leaves an indelible mark when you visit, and the people of Cambodia are often the source. Some of the most kind-hearted, open, and friendly people you will ever meet.

Cambodia's popularity was soaring before the coronavirus, and it will surely bounceback again...and soon! Itinerary time.

November 2020 travel idea? Completed them, mate.







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