We're Back, Beaches!

Some bloody good news! WERE BACK, BEACHES!
We’ve missed you. You’ve missed us. It’s natural and It’s been a while so let’s hug it out.

Put it in your diary, set a reminder on your phone, store the shitshow year of 2020 as deep into the cupboard because WE’RE BACK in 2021!


So whilst the world's been going mad, we’ve been working our little socks off. (I know we’re going to need a holiday after this too) We’re happy to say we’re as committed as ever to continue bringing you life-changing experiences in a safe, sustainable manner. Hey, you mean a lot to us - you’re family after all. We’ve chosen 6 of our most popular destinations and worked around the clock to ensure we can deliver the best of the best, the creme de la creme of tours in early 2021. We’re opening up slowly and cautiously..(Rome wasn’t built in a day you know) And we’re only running our tours in countries with a very low or no Covid infection rate. Basically what we’re saying is...We’ve got you. Don’t stress.



Have a look at the 3 important big D’s. DATE - DESTINATION - DURATION. Duhhh. Fancy island hopping in Thailand? Going on Safari in Sri Lanka? Like we said WE’RE BACK BEACHES. Early 2021 spaces and dates are super limited, we’re running less tours with smaller groups. Basically you SNOOZE YOU LOOSE. Many of us were due to travel earlier in the year and now have itchier feet than stepping on an Ant hill barefoot so we’re running on a first come first serve basis! So if you’re considering travelling this year. HIT US UP NOW. What have you got to lose? (Except waiting and losing your spot obvs) If you want to win the lottery you’ve got to buy the ticket first right?




SO that’s the plan but here’s a few nitty gritty conditions that are outside of our control that must be met before we can get you back on the beach and show you the best days of your life..


✅ Travel restrictions have been lifted

✅ Quarantine rules lifted for arrivals or on return

✅ Flights are available to destinations

✅ Travel insurance is obtainable

✅ We are confident we can run your trip in a safe environment





That's right, we know a lot of you have been wanting to go away with your mates all year but haven't been able to. Well, we have lots of Travel Ninjas (like superhuman tour guides) who are also itching to get back to work and show you and your friends an amazing time in paradise. As part of our extra COVID precautions, we have capped our groups at 12 meaning spaces will be even more limited. However if you want a private trip then we will try to arrange that on a date that suits you and your mates. We might even be able to tweak the itinerary for you.

Go on, just drop us a line and ask. Your mates will love you for it. Promise...







Along with filming more TikTok videos than we'd like to admit, we've spent this time in lockdown wisely (and no, we don't mean binge-watching Tiger King). We’ve devised a plan and have committed to keeping our customers, staff and the communities we travel in safe. From hygiene kits to enhanced staff hygiene training and smaller groups. Find out the changes we've made with your well-being in mind.


Travel With Confidence





Finally, if you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch. For updates on the covid situation please visit our FAQ page here.


Much love,


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