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Konnichiwa...Japan is calling! Futuristic city lights, mouth-watering foodie heaven, and rich, ancient culture filled with Tru-ly life-changing experiences. Yep, we're talking the three big S's. Sushi, Samurai and Sake! This country is nothing short of legendary. Take the scenic route by bullet train as we speed through Japan and sightsee the best of the best! Marvel at Tokyo's glowing neon city lights, walk the historic ancient walls of Osaka and Kyoto's famous temples and immerse yourself in the Tru Japan with slicing and dicing in sushi-making classes and Kendo sessions. Japan is magical all year round, from cherry blossoms blooming to white snow-capped mountains. Fall in love with the breathtaking scenery, rich traditional culture and hey, the sashimi is pretty good too...



Girl sat on bamboo raft on river with asian bamboo hat on with elephant in the background

Thailand is, and will always be, a tropical haven for anyone desperate to abandon the purr of the city for a hot second. Where strangers joined by bottles of Chang on hostel rooftops, trek the depths of velvety jungles, busy market places, crystal oceans abundant with fish your brain can barely comprehend and devour in merriment at a table of vast spice and splendour. Sounds alright, no?!

What’s more, is this stunning landscape is rich in digestible culture, accessible enrichment or whatever you want to call it; from authentic cookery classes to see-it-do-it animal sanctuaries, diving schools, temple tours, canyon zip-lining and intimate boat trips out and around the neighbouring islands. Yeah, you get to do ALL of that and more on our 14-day Northern Thailand Adventure (a TourRadar award winner, so you know...let's go). Still, sat on the fence? Get a grip. Get down you fool! Each strip of milky white sea-shore boasts the wildest parties, booze by the bucket (DANGEROUS) and the full moon energy of a RAVE-nous pack of wolves. Awwwoooo! Now we’re talking.

With their seasons swinging from Monsoon (as wet as they sound, but admittedly easier on the pocket) to Thailand’s driest and most favourable season by the end of lockdown, now has never been a better time to pack your bags and jet off pronto. Don’t just take our word for it though, get yourself out there kiddo.




View of Volcano in the distance with green hills in front

Who wants a Dry January, when Costa Rica boasts volcanic hot springs and epic waterfalls at 25+ degrees? Sorry, but we know what we’d rather be doing. With many top destinations still with the border question mark hanging over their names due to the pandemic, Costa Rica is one of the few parts of the world that is further along than most. In fact, for most visitors you can visit right now once you can provide a negative COVID-19 test within the prior 72 hours. As global trends go, this is the best news you could hope for. January 2021, we're coming for you!

Known for its lush jungles, adorned with over half a million different species (show-offs), Costa Rica doesn’t do its wildlife by halves; or anything for that matter - and neither should you.

Are you the outdoorsy type, who loves to leap out of bed at the crack of dawn, WITHOUT AN ALARM?! Oh yeah, we know your type. You love green juice, right? Well, anyway, you’ll love this. Hike below the rich and diversely inhabited jungle canopy, or zip over the top of it, taking in the vast surrounding mountains and all of the countries beauty. It’s no surprise that backpacking adventurers (like yourself) popularly swoon over the route from San Jose, an enormous bustling city surrounded by rolling hills to Santa Teresa. Along the way, you can visit Monteverde, famous for its dreamlike cloud forests or lounge in the volcanic hot springs of La Fortuna. Lush.

Looking for something a little more zen and less strenuous than a sunrise hike or drive along the Cosos Island coastline? Chill. No really. Costa Rica is abundant with yogis, surfers and sun-seekers alike, enjoying the slower pace of life. These “hippies” have got great taste you know and they’re contributing to a greener globe too; as Costa Rica will be fully carbon neutral by January 2021.

Pura Vida is the ethos of the country, it translates to 'Pure Life' and if they started a religion based on this philosophy, we'd be devout af. So do yourself and the planet some good, tell your boss you're off to 'find yourself' for 10 days on a Costa Rica Adventure and we'll meet you in San Jose (do you know the way, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wowwwww) Book that flight to Costa Rica and we’ll see you there in January!


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