What Your Airport Outfit Says About You!

We've all done it, planned it all the night before what we're wearing to the airport. It starts the holiday off right... Right? Or it just adds to the stress of packing (but whatever!) We've all given it a thought, but what does your airport outfit say about you? Well… you might not like it

1. Flip Flops & Joggers/Hoodies

Your look lets everyone know that you don't give 2 shits. You're probably a well-established traveller and chose comfort over style, but it may seem you've just rolled out of bed. You clearly don't care about germs, gross airport toilets or the fact that your feet could get bitterly cold. Would probs find you sipping the cheapest beer possible at a Wetherspoons at the airport and/or sipping the free shots at duty-free. We're kinda down though.

2. A Jumpsuit

Yes, jumpsuits are super comfortable, we have to admit it. But the thought of getting practically stark naked in an airplane toilet is also a massive no go-go. Wearing a jumpsuit to the airport says you're either super flexible or have incredible bladder control to have to get undressed. Although at least you don't have to try and match your top to your bottom I guess; work smarter not harder?

3. Athleisure & A Blazer

Sorry, are you Hayley Bieber? Well, this outfit says you're a bad bitch; it's as simple as that. It's the best of both worlds. It says I'm comfortable, but I'm still looking good. You'll be drinking prosecco at the bar, buying the new fragrance at duty-free or trying to finesse the guys walking into the business class lounge. Either way, we stan.

4. A Hen or Stag Do T-Shirt

Avoid at all costs. These animals are here for a good time not a long time. If you're wearing a stag or hen do top at the airport, we can almost guarantee you're half drunk already and yes, everybody knows it. The phrase on the back of the tee will probably say more about your life choices than the tacky fluorescent colour you're wearing but hey, it's worth doing at least once—Will 100% clap when the plane lands.

5. Sunglasses & Heels

This either says, 'I'm a celebrity don't ask for my autograph, I'm too good for you peasants and I'm sitting in first-class or I didn't go home last night from the club and am horrendously hungover. You decide.

6. Jeans & A Designer Tee

Jeans on a plane are a crime. There's no debating it. They're not comfortable, they're not maneuverable, it's downright weird to wear jeans on your flight. This screams to people I don't travel often but I'm going to a nice hotel. If you've got an oversized designer bag for your £14.99 flight too, you get extra 'I don't know what I'm doing' points.

7. A Suit

Ok ok now we're talking business. If you're wearing a suit to an airport you're most probably someone who talks way too loud on the phone, will only eat in the business class lounge and thinks LinkedIn is the best form of social media. 10/10 will chew your ear off about crypto, the housing market and passive income during boarding, take-off and landing.

8. Matching Sweats

You're stylish but comfortable. This isn't your first Rodeo or airport experience. You stay up to date with fashion trends and have definitely posted an insta story boomerang of your passport with the caption' Catch flights, not feelings'. You'll be sipping an oat milk vanilla latte at Starbucks and people watching from afar. Your outfit says I'm comfortable, I look great, but don't talk to me.

9. The one wearing multiple layers

This screams I overpacked and there's no f*cking chance in hell I'm paying for the extra luggage. You finessed the system. We have no choice but to judge you, and applaud.

There you have it, what your airport outfit says about you. We're only joking anyway. 99% of the time we'll grab whatever we can to run to the airport after 1 too many late nights and reading our flight details wrong so kudos to you for even making it to the airport early no matter what you're wearing.

If all this airport talk has got you dreaming about that bucket list holiday, well,

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