Best Places To Travel In August 2022

Best Places To Travel In August 2022


August is at the height of summer and it's the perfect month to escape to abroad when so many incredible destinations have blue skies, the sun is shining and the seas are refreshing and inviting. Why wouldn't you wanna go on holiday in August!? We've pulled together the best places to visit in August 2022 so you don't have to do any thinking, we have done it all for you! Whether you want a getaway on the ocean, or wanna visit Europe, Latin America or Asia, we've got you covered... Check out the top destinations to vacation in August 2022 below and get ready for the summer. of. your. life!!!

1. Peru


The best time to visit Peru is during the dry season, between May and October, because that is when Peru has sunny days and not a cloud in the sky. Although it is their winter time, August is literally the perfect time to go to Peru because you don't want it to be too hot or wet when you're doing a hike... that's a big no no. Hiking up to Machu Picchu wouldn't quite be the same if you were slippin' and slidin' all over the place so you definitely want to make sure you travel to Peru in the right month! In Peru, walk around the vibrant and lively city of Lima, eating incredible Peruvian food, discover the charm of Cusco and learn about the heritage of the former capital of the Incan empire and be wowed by the incredible nature of the Andes, from Lake Humantay to the sites on the Inca Trail and that's BEFORE you even get to the famous and impressive Machu Picchu! So pack your hiking shoes and we'll see you on the mountains!

Peru highlights:

Lake Humantay

Machu Picchu & Inca Trail

White Water Rafting


Crystal clear turquoise water at the island of Hvar in Croatia

2. Croatia

Croatia should be on everyone's summer 2022 bucket list, that's for sure... hot hot sun, crystal clear waters and allll the good vibes. Nothing beats sailing the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea, a Ožujsko in hand (that's the local Croatian beer btw) and island hopping to all the HOTTEST spots that Croatia can offer. Explore the land of dragons... you know what I'm talking about... Dubrovnik, famously one of the sets for Game of Thrones (have we got any fans here?), discovers Croatia's lush beauty while kayaking and cycling around Mljet National Park. We learn about Croatian history and hit up the funkiest bars in Split and at sea, spend your days getting merry at our very own TruFloatilla party and snorkelling in Croatia's crystal clear waters, where you can marvel at the rich vibrant underwater world. We're heading to Croatia this summer for a game-changing 8 days, you better be there!

Croatia highlights:

Hvar island views & beach clubs

Visit Famous Brac Island Beach

Walking tour around UNESCO world heritage site in Dubrovnik


Travel Advice Blog- Padar Island

3. Komodo Islands


You can go to the Komodo marine reserve all year round but the best time to visit is definitely the dry season, which runs from April to December, when the temp is still nice and warm - not too hot and very little to no rain. The Komodo National Park is a MUST do in Indonesia, there is literally no place like it. From pink beaches, to unreal view points like Padar Island and of course Komodo Island itself where you can spot the closest thing we have to dragons on this earth - the famous Komodo dragons! We'd suggest going in August though because although you can spot the Komodo dragon all year round, the mating season runs from July to August so you could get an interesting show... If you're going to Indonesia, you NEED to do our Komodo Island Hopper, which takes you from Kuta in Lombok, the perfect spot to learn to surf and discover the culture of the lesser visited Indo island, to Moyo Island, a gorgeous, untouched and unique spot that is really off the beaten track with only 50 visitors allowed a day. Then hop aboard our private live aboard boat, take in the views of sunset and the gorgeous blues of the sea, as we hit all the top hotspots like the pink beach, hiking up to the amazing viewpoint on Padar Island and Gili Lawa, Manta point and then hunting out our firey friends. Book our Komodo Island Hopper for the most adventure-packed, life-changing 9 days of your life and have a summer to remember, or take your summer to the next level, and explore Bali and Komodo on our Bali & Beyond tour!

Komodo highlights:

Moyo Island

Komodo Dragon spotting

Padar Island View Point


A group shot at dinner in Mykonos while island hopping around Greece

4. Greece

Is it just us or does Greece in August give major Mamma Mia vibes? With blue skies, calm turquoise waters and the HOT HOT sun shining all throughout August, you can live out your Mamma Mia fantasy as we take you to all of the hottest Greek islands there are! On our 9 day Greece Island Hopper, we start in Athens, discovering its history and visiting the iconic acropolis before going to Mykonos, making sure you get your fill of daquaris at the best beach clubs on the island. After Mykonos we hit up Ios, one of the best islands to visit in Greece for its clear blue waters and fun bar crawls before ending the tour in the drool-worthy island of Santorini, where we go wine-tasting and watch the sun go down with one (or three) sundowners from the famous sunset spot, Oia. If you wanna take to the seas, then our 8 day Greece Sailing Adventure hits difffferent! Imagine sunbathing on the deck, beer in hand and then jumping off the side of the boat straight into the bath temperature Ionian Sea... sounds dreamy right?! Well we can make that dream a reality. Start in the gorgeous Greek town of Corfu and then island hop your way across the med from some of Greece's best hidden gems (the hidden caves in Vrika beach are Greece's best kept secret), and some of the country's hotspots like the stunning Blue Lagoon in Syvota and the fun, vibrant seaside town of Parga! Whichever tickles your fancy, join us in Greece this summer and we'll make sure you have a summer you'll never forget!

Greece highlights:

TruTravels Boat Party

Santorini Wine Tasting Tour

Ios Boat Trip



There ya go! Those are the best places to travel in August 2022! Now you know what to do. Book that place ticket, reserve that space on tour and get excited for the summer of your dreams! ! If you need any more travel inspo, feel free to send us an email on or check out our socials!

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