Lockdowns seem to be the new norm now. There have been more "tiers" in the UK than the ones shed worldwide whilst watching Marley & Me. So, bloody hell what next? When will lockdown be over?

All we know is we can't wait to travel again. We know we sound like a broken record, but it's true. We want to getaway. Runaway from the world and all its problems, our happy place is on the beach somewhere with a daiquiri or beer in hand (we're not fussy).

The little things we loved like grabbing coffee with friends, eating out on the weekends, paying £10 for avocado on toast just to post on Instagram have once again been taken away from us. Sure, you can make avo on toast at home but we’re not about that boujee life.



We may not know exactly when the world will open up, but god damn we need something to look forward to. We can bet the beaches will be more beautiful, the experiences appreciated more and that first beer 1000x more delicious.

The best part of our TruFlexibility during uncertain times - OPEN DATED BOOKING. That’s the kinda shiz we like to hear. You choose your dream destination, order that bikini, secure hella discounts and decide on a date at a later stage. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? BUT science has proven that having a holiday booked can improve your outlook on life and we all need a bit of that. So we took away the only stressful part, worrying about dates. Your welcome. SIGN ME UP FOR BALI, THAILAND, GREECE, CROATIA THA LOT!



Naah we’re not going back to the first lockdown and doing 5k a day challenges (don't you dare even think about nominating me again). It was hard and in all honesty we didn’t enjoy it. But maybe let’s move a little. Get out for a walk every day, clear your head and breathe in some fresh air. If that doesn’t help, blast an old One Direction or Spice Girls album and dance it out. Dance like no one’s watching. (Seriously no one is watching, we’re all in our houses). But moving around a little will help you feel better.



Podcasts are the future. Basically they’re for lazy people like us who prefer to listen as opposed to read, (but if you’re reading this blog you’re already smashing it so congrats). There are some great podcasts out there for any subject you want. Your mental health should be a priority in lockdown so podcasts can really help find some focus. Find your niche subject, listen to our travel podcast - Travel Truths, or just have a browse on Apple or Spotify to see what takes ya fancy. It’s a great way to get you away from Netflix and out and about for an hour or so.



OK we’re not back on the banana bread hype, but if there’s a cuisine you really love or a destination you want to head back to. Make it a themed night! These are always super fun. If you want to visit Mexico, pick up some tequila, sombreros, fajitas, tacos and play that Narcos theme tune over and over again. It’s wild. If you're missing the Philippines, look no further check out our blog here where Amer will teach you to make the most delicious Fililipino food - Chicken Adobo, Cooking can be fun and why not get ya self excited for times ahead. You got this!



If all you do is read a page of a book one day or go for a 20 minute walk, you've got out of bed and that’s a good enough reason to feel good. Times are weird and so is the world right now, so don’t put too much pressure to accomplish every task under the sun. Sometimes you just survive not thrive. Give ya self a break, find an escape for yourself and look forward to better times ahead.

It’s been a crazy start to 2021 and I can honestly say there’s no dry January for me in sight. But times will pass and we’ll look back on this crazy time and laugh… or swear, I haven’t decided yet. But we’ll get back on the beaches, partying under the sun and travel will be appreciated like never before. You, me & our entire TruFam will reunite around the world and share a beer under the sun.

Until that time

Dont Quit Your Daydream



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