Fancy island-hopping through paradise? Exploring incredible locations, snorkelling crystal clear waters and making memories to cherish forever? Then island-hopping in Indonesia is the perfect solution. Find out what made us fall in love with this destination. WARNING: The following information may give you a SERIOUS travel bug. But we are more than happy to be held accountable, as long as you are joining us for that trip of a lifetime.. Wink-wink!



Island hopping through Indonesia is the best way to discover some of the lesser-known locations and exotic hot spots to make all your mates jealous. It's an Island hopping adventure like no other. If you're looking at an Indonesia island hopping tour, look no further, you've come to the right place! You can thank us later.


On our 9 day Komodo Island Hopper and the last 10 days of our 18 Day Bali & Beyond we explore stunning waterfalls, visit traditional villages, trek through the gorgeous jungle, relax on deserted beaches and snorkel among some of the most beautiful reefs in Indonesia. We head east across Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo Islands & Flores. Sounds pretty damn phenomenal right?!


But...if you fancy some Island hopping around hidden gems then check out our Sumatra Uncovered tour where we will explore this lesser-known part of Indonesia. The reduced footfall in this area means that the wildlife is more vibrant, diverse and more exciting too! Check out our tours in Sumatra to find the tour that suits your travel plans the best!


We thought we would give you a little more of an insight by revealing some of our favourite hot spots, as we think this kind of beauty should be shared and DUH, we would hate for you to miss out... We're spoiling you, we know!





Gili T is THE ultimate island in Indonesia for Scuba Diving, partying, snorkelling and just soaking in vibes on vibes. Whether you wan to take things slow with a morning of smoothie bowls and sunbathing or you want to discover the stunning marine life. This island is a MUST VISIT for any trip to Indonesia. There are no cars on this island which make it less manic that Bali and the beaches all around the edge of the island make sunbathing and beach walks an absolute must.


It's the perfect place to learn to scuba dive and it is so easy to learn because the conditions are so good! If you want to try something different whether thats snorkelling, island hopping or diving this is the place to do it!

You can even spend the afternoon at the nearby Gili Air or Gili Meno - these sister islands are smaller but equally stunning and still give that Moana feel (IYKYK.)







Moyo island is a place to disconnect from the outside world. That kind of pinch-me moment. Trust us when we say, you'll fall in love with this island. Home to a healthy coral reef, you can grab your snorkel and swim alongside the sea life. Not only is it known for its pristine beaches, but you'll also visit the incredible Mata Jitu waterfall. Formed millions of years ago and surrounded by luscious forests, this magical haven is one to add to your bucket list. Crystal clear blue water and forest to make ya feel like you're in a postcard!





Satonda Island, which lies north of Sumbawa, is a volcanic island that formed after a volcano flooded and collapsed leaving a crater saltwater lake at the centre of the island. You can expect to see stunning scenery, beautiful coral reefs, bright clear blue water. The trouble with this location is getting there, which is why a group tour is a perfect way to do it. On our Indonesia 9 and 18-day trips we will be stopping off at a bay (whilst on our liveaboard boat) to snorkel, take in breathtaking views and jump into a saltwater lake! How many people can they've swum in a saltwater crater that used to be a volcano? A once in a lifetime kinda memory.





Island Hopping in Indonesia is taking paradise to the next level, honestly. You have to see it to believe it vibes. Just look at the views of Padar Island, located between Komodo and the Rinca Islands! It's like something out of this world. We stop off at a bay and start to make our way to the top of the viewpoint on Padar Island to take a gander at those stunning views. The ocean in different shades of blue, emerald green grass and a landscape that looks like a painting. Plus those bright blue skies. D-R-E-A-M-Y!





Pink Beach, which is located just around the corner is a beach like no other. And yes, when we say pink, we literally mean pink... like the colour of the sand is pink. The pink tint comes from the red coral in the shallow waters and it's said to be one of seven beaches in the world with this unusual coloured sand. The small red grains then mix with the rest of the sand to create the effect of a 'pink beach'. The pristine waters create the perfect conditions for snorkelers with the many varieties of fish and vibrant corals. See what you can spot under the sea! On our trip, you will even get to snorkel with manta rays...A pink beach & snorkelling with manta rays? Don't mind if I dooooo.





The Komodo National Park is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. Some very special creatures inhabit the land here. World-famous and home to over 4,000 Komodo Dragons, the worlds largest lizard, and some of the dinosaurs closest relatives. Sick, right?! You'll be learning all about the islands and Komodo Dragons as well as seeing them up close & personal, baaaby! This Jurassic paradise is not to be missed! Like seriously.

All this and much more on our Komodo Island Hopper. For a full itinerary, click here. Hop onto our liveaboard boat and discover it for yourself! You know you want to.

For more information about this trip or any of our other trips, drop us an email at or hit us up in our DM's (we don't bite) and we can help plan your adventure of a lifetime. Check out more of our blogs here for any travel inspo or just fancy a good read. See you on the beach!


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