The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect on the world today. Every day it seems like 2020 is becoming more and more like another level in Jumanji. But what if there’s actually some pretty positive things going on in the world you just don’t know about them? What if everything wasn’t total sh*t and 2020 wasn’t a write-off. We’re here for positive vibes all day errrry day. So here our latest F*****g Good News on things going on in the world right now that you should know about!



Back in March, everything went a little crazy but since then pollution and carbon emissions around the world have dramatically dropped. We’re not driving our cars as much, we’re not jumping on huge 747’s to fly across the world, although we miss travel (we really do). We’re giving our world a break and a chance to recover from the damage that’s happened over decades. Global Carbon Emissions have seen their biggest ever drop in the first half of 2020 and this can be seen in capital cities all around the world. Bangkok, Buenos Aires even New Dehli are reporting clearer skies, better air quality and they’re working hard to keep it this way for when things are back to normal! Global carbon emissions are projected to be 7% lower than that of 2019! That decrease hasn’t been seen in over a decade! You go guys! Do your thang to keep it going! Work from home, Ride your bike, hitch a piggyback off your mate to work, do what you can TruFam.



People are very quick to preach that social media sucks. I mean yeah it can be addictive jumping into a TikTok hole and emerging 2 hours later not knowing where that time went. BUTTTTTTT ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and Sir David Attenborough has joined Instagram.. With over 1 billion active users on Instagram it’s time to give your precious likes and attention to the only man who really deserves it. Sir David has become the fastest person ever to reach 1 million followers and there’s no stopping him as currently as I write this he sits at just under 6 million. WHAT A GUY AYE! He’s fighting for a sustainable world and to make a difference in our future. We’re with you Sir David and here’s why we think he should run the world.



Is this a fictional story? NOPE! These are just three species that have made a comeback from extinction. For hundreds if not thousands of years many of these animals have been presumed extinct, I mean when you go swimming in the ocean you don’t expect to bump into a Goblin Shark do you? But research has shown over the past few years they’re very much alive and many of them are thriving in the wild. Crazy right? They took going Incognito to a whole new level. Although they’re not in vast numbers many have been introduced into breeding programmes or had small tracking devices attached to see what they really get up to and to see what researches and conservationists can do to help these animals continue to grow! LONG LIVE TREE LOBSTERS!!



This one is crazy and a major breakthrough for scientists today. Work has begun on a graphene-based sieve that will produce drinking water from seawater. SAYYYY WHATT! They’re using a graphene-oxide membrane. Although this is only currently in laboratories, this discovery has the power to change the world. 1 in 3 people globally do not have access to clean drinking water. THIS INVENTION CAN CHANGE THAT. GO SCIENCE!



A golden labrador has been crowned the United Kingdom’s most prolific blood donor dog. Stumpy was destined for a career as a guide dog, but sadly Stumpy had a problem with a deformity in one of his legs so he turned to saving canines instead!! He has a negative blood type which allows his blood to be given to any doggo around! He’s saved the lives of more than 120 dogs. CUTE CUDDLY AND SAVES THE WORLD. BY FAR MY NEW FAVOURITE SUPERHERO. STUMPY YOU THA MAN!



Yes, you heard us FISH PLASTIC. 23-year-old British design graduate Lucy Hughes has invented a biodegradable material made from fish waste. How bloody cool is that?! It’s on track for one day replacing plastic in packaging. MarinaTex is a strong, flexible, clear material that looks and feels like plastic. BUT can be disposed as compostable food waste. That sh*t cray right? It uses red algae to bind proteins from fish skin and scales into translucent sheets exactly like plastic. Lucy you’re a legend and you can join the TruFam whenever you like!


So yeah it might seem like the world has gone to sh*t. But in reality there’s so much good stuff happening. Don’t just watch the boring news at home. Read the f**king good news thats happening now, and if you want some more positivity hit up our previous F**cking Good News blog and our first one at the start of all this.

Hey you don’t get a rainbow without a little rain anyway? We’ll be back traveling the world before you know it. You got this TruFam.

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