The perfect intro to travel is to join a group tour where you can meet lots of like-minded travellers; everything is organised for you, so you all you need to focus on is having the time of your life! If you are looking for a taste of what the travelling experience is like, joining our tours across Asia and Latin America will give you a severe love of travel and maximise your travel experiences. Warning: we cannot be held responsible for fun overloads or cases of extreme sadness on returning home, but we can assure you will have the time of your life. That's a fact ;)


For some, spending 8 days in Thailand may be the perfect intro to travel or diving into the Indian culture and spending ten days exploring India's hot spots, including the Golden Triangle. Or even immersing yourself into South America's culture in Colombia! Have a browse at our awesome pictures and videos on Facebook and Insta and take your time checking out what incredible trips we have for you.




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