Croatia Sail & Explore

How would you describe the summer of your dreams? Sailing & sunsets? Adventure & action? Beaches & bikinis? Island Hopping? Look no further! You're going to Croatia! The #1 place to be this summer, European hotspot of 2021 and the summer destination we've all been dreaming of! Spend your days sailing Croatia from UNESCO world heritage sites to National parks, before hitting up the ultimate insta hot spot of Plitvice Waterfalls. Immerse yourself in the rich culture & history of Croatia by visiting Hvar and Zadar and party till the sun comes up at Pag Island. Spend 8 glorious days under the sun sailing the Adriatic before we adventure on land to see the best of the best of Croatia. 11 epic days, 10 unbelievable nights. Memories that will last forever. Crystal clear waters, golden sandy beaches and delicious Croatian cuisine. What more could you ask for? We've got it all...

A map of the Croatia Sail and Explore route

Explore the open seas! Our SailVentures have you Island hopping the days away as you fall asleep under the stars. Live onboard as we sail to untold beauty and untouched islands. Dock up in hotspots and explore off the beaten path areas only accessible by boat. SailVentures combine action, exploration, adventure & jam-packed holiday bliss. Live your very best Yacht life with TruExclusives, Floatilla parties and endless beach days as you sail away in paradise!

What's Included

Airport Transfer

Travel Ninja

ALL TRANSPORT INCLUDED Private Yacht Private Vans

10 NIGHTS ACCOMMODATION Twin share cabins on board Twin or double share rooms on land

Hvar island & viewpoints Dubrovnik walking tour Visit Plitvice Lakes

Floatilla Boat Party Local Croatian Experience
The sailing yacht in Croatia
A view of the top deck on the sail boat in Croatia, showing guests tanning
A group of four on the yacht in Croatia, enjoying the sun
A photo of the yacht in Croatia with a mountain in the background showing the incredible starry night


We don’t do average...especially not with our boats. Picture this, sailing on a 60 ft ship that sleeps 28 people over 14 cabins with 3 bathrooms/ toilets with gloriously refreshing hot water as you sail the high seas. Below deck, hosts our 14 cabins and kitchen and spacious dining area. Our upper deck boasts a large sunbathing area, perfect for reading a book or sitting back with a mojito or 5.

A group on the yacht while sailing Croatia
The toilets on the yacht in Croatia
A photo of a twin cabin, showing bunk beds on the Croatia sailing boat
Seating area on the yacht in Croatia


Hey MTV welcome to our crib, Our lower deck houses 10 of our wonderful twin bunk rooms which include a safe & a sink to freshen up for the day. Our middle deck includes a further 2 of our twin rooms, a large kitchen and communal area for dining, drinking, or whatever fun game takes your fancy. Our Upper deck features 2 further twin bunk rooms and is the place to be for all your sunbathing, chill out, chillax maxing out that relaxing experience ya know? Grab your pillow and sleep under the stars, hey we would if we could.


Over 3 decks we have 14 twin bunk room cabins each featuring a sink & safe.

A large kitchen and communal dining both on our Middle deck and Upper Deck.

Sunbathe off the front of the ship or up top on the upper deck equipped with seating & deck chairs.

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Bucket List
The marina in Hvar, Croatia at night showing bright lights from the town and mountains in the background
Hvar Nightlife
The stunning waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes, showing the luscious greenery and the bright turquoise water
Plitvice Lakes
A birds eye view of Dubrovnik, Croatia showing the marina and the terracotta houses
Explore Dubrovnik
Visitors swimming in the amazing waterfalls at Krka National Park Croatia
Krka National Park

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11
Day 1

Welcome to Split!

Are you ready to kick start the most 11 epic days of your life? Hell yeah! Fly into Split Airport where we’ll pick you up and transfer you to our very own Tru Sailboat. Home for the next 8 days! Arrive any time from 11am. Split is a buzzing city with so much to see and do, so take a look around, settle in to your cabin, get your sea legs on, before we grab a welcome dinner on board in the evening. Get to know your new Trucrew over a well-deserved cocktail under the stars. Split is famous for its popping nightlife so we head out together and see where the night takes us. The first night is always the best night? Well, start as you mean to go on..

Airport Transfer
1x Dinner
Aerial view of Split, Croatia showing the port, beautiful mountain landscape and the terracotta roofs of Split
The marina in Split, Croatia, showing boats on the water and the mountain landscape in the background
Day 2

Sail to Hvar Town

Wake up to the sounds of the ocean, today we’re island-hopping to Hvar! A hotspot of Europe, a Mediterranean jewel and our next destination! Land ahoy! Along the way, we stop for a swim. Hvar really has something for everyone. Spend your day hiking up the zig-zag path to the Spanish fortress, the ultimate viewpoint to see all of Hvar in its beauty. Sit back and admire the views of turquoise blue waters, whitewashed cobbled streets and terracotta rooftops, or if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out the local town. In the evening we head out to the best bars in town. Sink a couple of beers, grab a famous rakija or order every rainbow coloured cocktail insight. Whatever you choose, we’re there with you. With a handful of bars and clubs open until the late AM, the night is ours for the taking!

Spanish Fortress, Beaches, Hvar Nightlife
1x Breakfast, 1x Lunch
A stunning photo of the island, Hvar, Croatia showing boats on the bright turquoise water , the town and surrounding mountains
Day 3

Mljet National Park

This morning we sail towards Mljet Island and head off the beaten path to UNESCO world heritage site, Mljet National Park. A hidden gem of Croatia. You really won’t believe it, till you see it. A nature lover’s paradise. Spend your day swimming in crystal clear waters, taking a walk through the emerald green forest, or hiring a bike and cycling around the stunning lakes. The ultimate Instagram spot. 10/10 zen relaxation vibes, and the perfect place to experience a different side to Croatia. After spending the day reconnecting with nature it’s time for a feast! You have the option to join in The Captain’s Dinner. A 4-course meal hosted by your very own el captain & crew. (Additional costing) It’s a fun evening and an experience you won’t want to miss! Sit back as the sun goes down, beer in hand with your new TruFam as we island-hop into the sunset. What a day aye!

Mljet National Park
Explore Mljet National Park, Swimming, Captain's Dinner
1x Breakfast, 1x Lunch
The picturesque island of Mljet, Croatia showing the clear blue water and a house in the distance.
Day 4

We're going to Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik is THE place to be, an up and coming city to rival that of every European hotspot out there. The most famous place in Croatia and the setting for King’s Landing, don’t know Game of Thrones? Who are you?! JK, A UNESCO World Heritage site, Dubrovnik oozes history, style and class. By day explore the aerial views of the city via cable cart up to Srd Mountain, walk the city's 1,940m long city walls or just find one of Dubrovnik’s many quirky bars for a colourful cocktail & umbrella. By night we head out to explore this magical town together as TruFam and indulge till your heart's content. Dubrovnik is known to come alive in the nighttime, so it’s only right we see what’s it all about! When in Croatia do as the Croatians do right?

Dubrovnik walking tour, Srd Mountain views, nightlife
1x Breakfast, 1x Lunch
A photo from the sea wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia showing the clear and deep blue sea and amazing cliff formations
An aerial view of Dubrovnik, Croatia's terracotta architecture and landscape with an island in view.
Day 5

Korcula Overnight

Wake up & seas the day! We grab a delicious breakfast onboard on the open deck before we set sail to our next stop, Korcula! Croatia’s little hidden secret. Korcula has everything you could want and more. Crystal clear waters, a lively marina and hidden clubs and sunset bars. Will this be the highlight of your trip? We’ll let you decide that one.. If you’re looking for good vibes, delicious Croatian cuisine and 10/10 cocktails. Look no further. Korcula is for you! We spend the day checking out the local town and the city walls. Watch the sun go down on board before we head out to sample the local cocktail bars!

Explore Korcula, Nightlife
1x Breakfast, 1x Lunch
The island of Korcula in Croatia showing the blue sea, green landscape and terracotta houses
The island of Korcula, Croatia at sunset with houses and boats in view
Day 6

Floatilla Party!

We’re going to Makarska! We leave Korcula in the morning and head to our next destination! Along the way, we stop for a swim, our TruExclusive. With the sun beaming down it’s only right we host our very own TruFloatilla! Grab the inflatable unicorn and pour the Prosecco as we’re having a boat party! A TruTravels Boat party that is! Music blaring, on deck dancing, float the day away, bubbly in hand as you drift in the crystal clear waters. Summer dreaming.. Sailing Croatia never felt so good! After drinking 1 too many glasses of prosecco, we sail on to Makarska where we dock overnight. Head out for dinner as TruFam and see where the night takes us. Makarska is full of hidden bars and secret restaurants. Famously a sea cave turned disco. Wild right? You know where to find us...

Floatilla, snorkelling, boat party
1x Breakfast, 1x Lunch
TRU Exclusives
TruFloatilla Party!
Group of people on inflatables at Floatilla party, Croatia
The town of Makarska in Croatia
A cave disco in the town Makarska, Croatia
A photo of  a disco in Makarska cave with bright lights in Croatia
Day 7

Brac Island & Beaches!

Grab some fresh crisp air, lay out tanning with a calming sea breeze. Today we’re heading towards Omis for one last beach day. Melt away your problems laying out onboard before we stop at a hidden bay on Brac Island. The ultimate insta hotspot. Look out into the distance as a member of your TruFam gets those all-important shots. If you didn’t gram it, did you even go? Lay out on Bačvice beach and take a dip in the crystal clear waters. In the evening, we set sail for Split. We take the scenic route as we sail into the Split Riviera. Breathtaking, stunning, full of restaurants and quirky cafes, the marina setting is that of a painting. The perfect destination to round off our epic sail-venture! We have dinner and drinks onboard one last time like the well-established sailors we are, before we start the 2nd part of our epic journey tomorrow, after island hopping for the last 7 days. This time we're on land!

Brac Island & Omis
Explore Brac Island, beach day, farewell dinner
1x Breakfast, 1x Dinner
A beach on the island of Brac, Croatia with bright clear blue water and white sandy beach with kite surfing in the background
The island of Brac in Croatia showing the incredible architecture, palm trees along the waterfront and boats on the water
An aerial view of Omis in Croatia, showing the lush green landscape and the town
Day 8

Plitvice Lakes & Krka National Park

This morning we leave boat life behind as we pack up and head to paradise. Yep, that's right, paradise. We grab breakfast together before we head out on our road trip! We arrive in the afternoon to our first stop, Krka National Park, a natural beauty where you can swim in the waterfalls. We then head to Plitvice Lakes, one of the most photogenic places in all of Europe. You’ve probably seen the pictures on Instagram, watched the videos on Facebook but nothing will prepare you for the real thing. World Famous Plitvice waterfalls should be on everyone’s bucket list. Free-flowing waterfalls, pristine calm lakes. The perfect mixture of turquoise blue waters and emerald green forests. The ultimate relaxation station. Grab your GoPro and let’s go, the views are out of this world. In the evening we spend the night in our very own huts located close to the Plitvice Lakes. Is this a dream? No, no you’re actually here.

Plitvice Lakes
Explore Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park
A scenic photo of the stunning waterfall in Krka National park in Croatia
A stunning aerial shot of the falls at Plitvice National park in Croatia, showing the turquoise water and lush greenery.
Day 9

Sightseeing Plitvice & Pag Island

Wake up to the sounds of nature. Freshen up before we explore more of Plitvice. Walk the famous boardwalk, admire the pristine, calm lakes, breathe in the fresh air before Immersing yourself in the surrounding greenery and nature. In the early afternoon, we jump into our minivans for a change of scenery and head to our next destination. Pag Island & Zrce beach! The location of the legendary Hide-Out Festival. Every day is a party, beaches, beers and banging music. The afternoon is ours to spend as we please. Hit the beach, sit poolside in our edgy and quirky hostel or we'll meet you at the bar for happy hour. Who can say no to 2-4-1 daiquiris? Freshen up, and we head out for dinner and drinks!

Pag Island
Plitvice National Park, Pag Island, Zcre Beach
A breathtaking photo of Plitvice waterfalls showing still turquoise waters and the luscious greenery surrounding the water in Croatia.
An aerial shot of Pag island in Croatia, showing mountains in the distance, the different shades of blue in the sea, and the town/harbour.
A breathtaking photo of Pag island, Croatia showing the amazing surrounding landscapes, bright turquoise waters and houses of the island.
Day 10

Magical & Historical Zadar

What a wild night, and it's time for us to split (see what we did there?)Our next stop is Zadar, Along the way we stop for the ultimate TruExclusive. If you’re looking for an authentic Croatian experience, this is it. We visit one of our Captains homes on the island of Pag, where we learn about sheep farming and have the opportunity to sample some famous Croatian favourites. Pag Cheese & Grappa. Made on this very farm. Delicious. Afterwards, we head to Zadar's Historic centre and take a look around. Check out Zadar’s famous Sea Organ, an experimental musical instrument, which plays music by way of sea wave! Late afternoon we head back to where the magic started, Split, for one last hurrah and a night on the town with your TruFam. It’s been a wild trip so it’s only right we go out with a bang. We grab a farewell dinner together before hitting up Split's coolest bars. We don't do average. Only legendary. Will this be the best night of the trip? Hey, maybe we’ve saved the best till last...

Zadar Walking Tour
TRU Exclusives
Local Croatian Farm
An aerial view of Zadar, Croatia, showing the picturesque town and the bright and deep blue sea
A picture of the city Cemetry in Croatia's capital, Zadar
A picture of the town and a well in Zadar, capital of Croatia.
An aerial view of Zadar, showing the town, the sea and mountains in the background
Day 11

Chilled Checkout

Have a chilled morning before we check out. 11 Wonderful, jam-packed days have come to an end but the memories of sailing Croatia together will last a lifetime. You're a member of the TruFamily now so don’t forget the Christmas card. Your Travel Ninja is on hand for any onwards plans you may have but in the meantime, let's plan that Tru reunion! We miss you already! Until next time TruFam. It's been real.

help with onward travel
A stunning bright orange sunset at the beach in Naxos, Greece with the yacht on the water.
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Trips Departure Dates



The trip starts and ends in Split.


You will need to fly into Split (Resnik) airport.


The closest airport will be Split (Resnik) airport.


All rooms are twin share on the boat and a mixture of twin and dorm share on the land portion of the tour.

How much is a night’s accommodation at our start hotel?

A pre-night costs £26 at our start hotel and you can book this through us.

Are there any extra costs?

Yes, there is a port fee of €40 per person due when you arrive at the boat in Split.

What is the currency?

The currency is Croatian Kuna.

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