Why Laos?

Everyone loves an underdog - and Laos (drop that ‘s’) is truly Southeast Asia’s best kept secret. The perfect option for seasoned backpackers who would rather explore somewhere off the beaten path, Laos has stayed true to itself and has remained unchanged for years, leaving it one of the most authentic experiences available in Asia. Try out the river tubing through Karst mountains in Vang Vieng, swim in the aptly named Blue Lagoons, spot the inbred (yes, inbred) Irrawiddy dolphins while kayaking the Mekong and make your parents proud by spending a day living the life of a local rice farmer (like Dad says…"it builds character"). Not only is Laos home to some of Asia's largest waterfalls, it also contains several UNESCO world heritage sites and is for a good reason known as Southeast Asia's hidden gem.

Laos Facts

Language - Lao
Currency - Laotian Kip (LAK)
Local Beer - Beerlao
Local Dish - Laap

Laos Tours


Laos Blogs

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