We love an underdog here at Tru and nothing makes us happier than learning about somewhere new and sharing it with the TruFam. We have been taking people to Bali and other amazing places in Indonesia for years but this year we launched our Sumatra Uncovered tour which takes our tours to a whole new level! Our team in Asia have created an experience like no other on this incredible island. Homestays, insane beaches and amazing wildlife and that’s just the start of it! Still not sure if Sumatra is for you? Well, we are shining a spotlight on some places you’d be crazy to miss and we’ll share with you some of the key reasons why Sumatra should be top of your travel bucket list for 2024! Move over Bali…Sumatra is here!



One of the most common questions we get asked is “where in the world can I see Orangutans?” We get it, they are the most magical creatures, they’re stunning and their rarity makes seeing them even more special. Well, Bukit Lawang in Sumatra is your golden ticket to witness the gentle giants of the jungle. Trek through the rainforest, channel your inner Jane Goodall, and witness these incredible creatures swinging through the trees. We’ll be getting up early and venturing into the rainforest to have the best chance of seeing Orangutans. Our local guides are super experienced with seeking them out and they are always very conscious not to disturb them and remain completely respectful of their habitat at all times. Also, because we never do average here at Tru we have an epic mode of transport for getting back to our base location…river tubing! We’ll gently go with the flow back down the river after experiencing a once in a lifetime trek through the rainforest! Sumatra really is an epic location!



Sumatra isn't just a feast for the eyes; it's a feast for your taste buds too! As you probably know by now we are big big foodies here at Tru and when our team visited Sumatra they couldn’t stop raving about the food that they ate during their time there. A fan favourite was Rendang, a flavour-packed beef dish that leaves your taste buds doing the cha-cha. The beef is braised in coconut milk and seasoned with the most mind-blowing spices you could imagine. The meat turns a beautiful colour, it’s caramelised to perfection and it makes the most incredible meal with rice! Sumatran cuisine is a mashup of deliciousness and packed full of spices and heat – get ready for a culinary adventure! Also for all of you money saving experts eating local dishes saves you so much money - it's a win win!



We want our tours to allow travellers to connect with people of all cultures and most importantly have unique experiences! Sumatra might possibly have one of the most special cultural experiences in Asia. We’ll visit Mentawai village and spend time with the local Sumatran people. We will learn about their sustainable lifestyle and hear about their traditions. We'll also visit a local market and learn how they create textiles and make garments. It is a truly special day and it is an honour to gain an insight into such a fascinating culture! The TruCrew have created these tours to allow everyone to experience unique aspects to each country and Sumatra is one of the best examples of this.



Another reason we think Sumatra is the place to be is because of the amount of giving back opportunities that are available on the island. We always want to give back to the countries we visit and ensure that we leave having made a positive impact on a location - it’s a no brainer! In Sumatra we visit a Turtle Conservation Project, learn about turtle conservation and discover what the locals are doing to help these amazing endangered creatures! We’ll help bathe and prepare the turtles for being released back into the ocean - it’s emotional so get ready for some tears! Imagine how good it will feel having a sunset beer looking out at the ocean knowing that you have been a very small part of ensuring turtles have the best chance of surviving and reducing their likelihood of becoming extinct!



So there you go. If this hasn’t encouraged you to visit Sumatra then quite frankly we don’t know what will. It is the most amazing place for an adventure in South East Asia and we are so excited to show travellers its beauty, culture and amazing wildlife. It’s going to be insane - you ready?



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