10 things you can buy for under £2 in Thailand

Thailand is super cheap, especially when you compare to western Prices! Check out 10 things you can buy for under £2 in Thailand:

10 things you can buy for under £2 in Thailand

Ray Bans (Or Ray bons)

Recognised globally as super stylish and super expensive, though when in Thailand you can pick up a pair on most street corners for about 2 quid. Modelled here by Tanya, Jay, Dre and Joe.

20 Marlboro

Gone are the days of you spending 10 quid on a pack of smokes, a pack of cigs here are about 1.90!! (also modeled here by Dre)

Big beer & a pack of cigarettes (nasty f**king cigarettes)!!!

For those who also want a nice cold beer to compliment your smoke, you can also get 550ml of high % beer and a pack of 20 rancid smokes for under 2 pounds, HOORAY FOR CIGS AND ALCOHOL!

New releases on DVD

There’s that new movie on at the cinema, but you don’t want to pay 10 quid just to sit in the cinema now do you!? Well here in Thailand you can have a stroll down the road and pick up any new movie for a couple quid.

Street Munchies!

One of the greatest things about Thailand is the food; here you can bag yourself a good feed consisting of a big piece of chicken, bag of pineapple slices and bottle of a freshly squeezed OJ for £2! Or if you’re looking for some good traditional Thai food, you can pick yourself up a freshly made ruby murry (curry) and soft drink for 2 quid from most street vendors.

7-Eleven (or pretty much anything in it)

Yes of course you can’t buy a whole 7-Eleven for 2 quid, but if you walked into a 7-Eleven store with only 100Baht (2 pounds), the combinations could be absolutely endless, from a cheeky bit of munch, a few beers or a new toiletry set!

T-shirt (a pretty cool one)

The street markets in Thailand are always selling different quirky t-shirts which are either pretty cool or funny, if you love to shop there are some awesome t-shirt designs out there and most people go home with a new wardrobe, each shirt costs about 2 pound! We will never ever spend £50 on a “designer” t-shirt again.

20 minute taxi ride

Imagine sitting in a taxi in London or New York for 20 minutes and paying less than 2 quid or $3.50…I know, I’ve tried to imagine it also, and I can’t, because it just wouldn’t happen. Though here in the land of smiles it does ☺

Fresh fruit shakes

Most mornings the TruTravels team will have a fruit shake each, often one of them pays for all the shakes, but it’s not soo bad as you can buy 3 (sometimes 4) fresh fruit shakes for £2! Healthy living at a cheap price!


I live on Koh Phangan, and when I fill up my motorbike with 100 baht (2pounds) worth of fuel I’ll be able to scoot around the island quite comfortably for at least 2 days! Petrol is considerably cheaper in Thailand and for those who brave the motorbikes over here, it really is a cost effective way to see a lot more of places.