Thailand is a super cheap country in the heart of South-East Asia, especially when you compare to western Prices! You're probably thinking 'How much money should I take to travel Thailand? or Is it expensive to travel Thailand?' WELL! We have put together for you a list of 10 things you can buy for under £2 while you're on your travels in Thailand. You're welcome

A group shot on a snorkeling trip in Koh Phi Phi Thailand



When you're travelling in Thailand you are definitely going to need Ray-bans or any kind of sunglasses, as no doubt the sun will be shining! Ray-bans are recognised globally as super stylish and super expensive, although when you're on your Thailand travels you can pick up a pair on most street corners for as little as 2 quid. What a bargain!



Treat your tootsie's to a fresh pair of flip flops for your travels, you'll end up living in them while you're away. But. make sure you buy them when you get out to Thailand, and NOT before in an overpriced western store. They may not be 'real' Havanas but they look exactly the same, and for a couple of quid you really can't go wrong!



There is nothing better than relaxing at a beach bar with a nice cold beer however, there is nothing worse than going on holiday and spending too much money on overpriced alcohol a quirky beach bar. Well, in Thailand there are so many must-see bars where you'll find (especially in small local bars) the local beer costs no more than £2. Hooray for cheap cold beers!



There’s that new movie on at the cinema, but you don’t want to pay 10 quid just to sit in the cinema now do you!? Here in Thailand you can have a stroll down the road and pick up any new movie for a couple of quid and you'll never be behind on the latest blockbuster movie!



One of the greatest things about Thailand is the cuisine and there is so much food out there you should try! Not only is it delicious but you can bag yourself a big piece of bbq chicken, a bag of pineapple slices or bottle of a freshly squeezed OJ for £2! Or if you’re looking for some good traditional Thai food, you can pick yourself up a freshly made ruby murry (curry), or even an authentic Thai Green curry for just a couple pounds, so make sure you for for the local street vendors and not the western restaurants when you're on your Thailand travels.



Yes, of course, you can’t buy a whole 7-Eleven for 2 quid, but if you walked into a 7-Eleven store with only 100 Baht (2 pounds), the combinations could be absolutely endless, from a cheeky bit of munch, a few beers, a new toiletry set, or a famous 7-eleven toastie, you can definitely get a lot for your money here.



The street markets in Thailand are always selling different quirky t-shirts which are normally pretty colourful and funky, so if you love to shop there are some awesome t-shirt designs out there and most people go home with a new wardrobe, (which is why we advise when you are packing for South-East Asia try and leave lots of room in your bag if you can!) Each shirt normally costs about 2 pounds, so you'll never ever spend £50 on a “designer” t-shirt again.



Imagine sitting in a taxi in London or New York for 15 minutes and paying less than 2 quid or $3.50…we know, we've tried to imagine it also, and we can’t, because it just wouldn’t happen. Getting around in Thailand is a lot easier and cheaper so you can pretty much pop anywhere you would like at any time for next to nothing. Of course, because you are paying so little any small tips to drivers is a lovely gesture and will put a BIG smile on their face.



Most mornings the TruTravels team will have a fruit shake each, often one of them pays for all the shakes, but it’s not soo bad as you can buy 3 (sometimes 4) fresh fruit shakes for £2-3! Healthy living at a cheap price, you can't go wrong with that!



Last but not least, you can't go to Thailand and not get a pair of the famous elephants now can you? You'll pretty much see them everywhere over Thailand but don't worry about breaking the bank as they only cost a few quid and if they do cost more have a go at bartering like a boss and you'll be able to get the price down.






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