The sun is setting on summer, and if you find yourself feeling sad (maybe a lil’ sunburnt) or got a bad case of the travel blues.. Well, we’re here to help! Because we’ll have you know that you can travel to some seriously amazing destinations in September, October and November. Yeah, you heard right.. Those trips of a lifetime don’t stop! You know us, can’t stop, won’t stop.. So, here are the best places to travel in fall 2022 to keep those summer vibes flowing, baaaby!


A picturesque photo of a long stretch of a sandbank surrounded by lush greenery and bright blue turquoise water with coral reefs in view

Soak up the last of the sun this September! Jet off to the Maldives and take in the crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and those picture-perfect views. Add in a couple of world-class sunsets and what more could you want?! There’s so much more to the Maldives than honeymooners.. immerse yourself in Maldivan life, learning all about the culture and traditions of this exotic haven while your taste buds tingle tasting delicious Maldivan cuisine. Or spend your September island hopping the Greek islands, cruising the glistening blue ocean, bright blue skies above, sailing from one hidden gem to another. Eat all the gyros and tzatziki your heart desires while wandering the cobbled streets of Greece.. The absolute dream! How about sippin’ the rest of summer away at a bar somewhere along the Adriatic.. Hvar, maybe?! Sounds good to us.. Houston, we have absolutely no problem! Explore Croatia’s hotspots such as Brac & Mljet Island, Krka National Park and Dubrovnik’s Kings Landing & sail your summer away. Croatia’s where it’s at!


A scenic image of The Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico with a blue sky in the background
It’s October, which means one thing.. Spooky season! Fancy spending Halloween somewhere hot and tropical? Well, take your pick from these epic destinations! Head to Mexico, stroll the incredible white sand beaches overlooking some 10/10 ocean views, jump into refreshing turquoise waters when visiting natural Cenotes, & take in the mesmerising Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. Or get your groove on with the buzzing nightlife, Tequila & Mezcal tasting and salsa dancing followed by filling up on tacos and enchiladas. Perfecto! Delve into the rich history, jaw-dropping scenery and tantalizing cuisine in Vietnam. Travel from South to North, taking in everything Vietnam has to offer from the buzzing cities, sensational sand dunes, quaint towns to the picture-perfect Ha Long Bay. Sounds Pho-nomenal to us! How about Bali bound for Halloween? Trust, it’s a goooood time! The weather is fab; the views are fantastic, the food is out of this world.. Do I need to say more? Explore Bali’s exceptional beaches, boujee beach clubs and traditional Balinese temples, or you can even try your hand at trekking a volcano at sunrise, the view’s unreal!


November means winter and Christmas are FAST approaching! So if I were you, I would plan a sunny, fun-filled getaway before Winter is here to stay.. Keep those good times coming! Northern Thailand is one heck of a beauty. The views are unmatched in the North, the locals are as friendly as always, and the food is mouth-watering (as per). Bathe friendly giants at an elephant sanctuary, trek through the jungle before experiencing a local homestay and even try out bamboo river rafting! Get yo’self to the North; you won’t regret it! Hop over the border of Thailand, and you are in Laos… Which is another top choice for travel in November. An adventurers paradise & one of South East Asia’s hidden gems! You can try your hand at river tubing through the Karst mountains, kayak the Mekong and try to spot Irrawaddy dolphins or go ziplining across a waterfall.. It’s never a Lao-sy Time! Staying in the area, Cambodia is also a fab choice for a November getaway. A one of a kind country in South East Asia.. have a taste of the wild nightlife in Siem Reap, get your island fix in Koh Rong Samloen while learning all about Cambodia’s culture & history. Cambodia will not disappoint!

A group watching the orange sunset at the incredible viewpoint on Padar island in Indonesia

It’s over to you now! We’ve given you all the deets for the best places to travel to in fall 2022, so the ball’s in your court.. Happy decision making! If you need any more travel inspo, feel free to hit us up in our dm’s or chuck us an email, we promise we’re nice *wink wink*. You can even check out more of our blogs here! See you on the beach & remember, don’t quit your daydream!


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