We can’t be the only ones who’ve been dreaming about a European summer.. Or spending a summer in Croatia, to be exact? I can see it now, the crystal clear glistening blue ocean, golden sandy beaches, unbelievable views and the sun beaming brightly! It’s a Mediterranean paradise. No wonder it was #1 on our list when deciding to take on Europe! Although, if you need more convincing as to why Croatia should be next on YOUR list, here are the top 10 must-visit places in Croatia!


An aerial view of Zadar, Croatia, showing the picturesque town and the bright and deep blue sea

Zadar, in the North of Croatia, a city full of history & culture, think cathedrals, 9th-century churches, 6th-century ruins and more. Zadar is not only home to mesmerizing history but is home to a famous Sea Organ, an experimental musical instrument that plays music by way of sea wave as well as spectacular sunsets known to wow a few Hollywood stars!


The bar at the cave disco in Makarska, Croatia

A port town on the Dalmatian coast, known for its stunning riviera beaches, picturesque seafront boulevard and not to forget, the nightlife. Full of hidden bars & secret restaurants and a sea cave that has been turned into a disco! It’s also home to TruFloatilla, the boat party of dreams. Good vibes all around; Makarska won’t disappoint.


An aerial shot of Pag island in Croatia, showing mountains in the distance, the different shades of blue in the sea, and the town/harbour.

Pag Island, home to the legendary Hideout Festival & (fun fact) Pag cheese, is a MUST-VISIT and here’s why. Its moon-like landscape makes it one unique party destination, it’s cocktails, beaches & your best dad dancing galore. Not to mention the views, AMAZING!


A stunning shot of Mljet, Croatia's National park with clear turquoise water and lush greenery  at sunset

A hidden gem of Croatia, Mljet National Park, a nature lover’s paradise, should definitely be on your bucket list in Croatia. A UNESCO world heritage site that boasts lush emerald green forests, bright blue clear waters making it the perfect insta hotspot. The ultimate relaxation station, and views for days, ya have to see it to believe it.


Crystal clear turquoise water at the island of Hvar in Croatia

Winning the title of the sunniest spot in Croatia, Hvar definitely makes the list of must-visits. Hvar is known for its gorgeous turquoise waters, beautiful Croatian architecture and, of course, its nightlife. Hvar is also home to the oldest town in Croatia, Stari Grad! Plus, if you love yourself some seafood, then this island is the perfect place for you.


Aerial view of Split, Croatia showing the port, beautiful mountain landscape and the terracotta roofs of Split

The second-largest city after Croatia’s capital is the urban city of Split! Full of history, Split is not just a pretty sight, marvel at the ruins of a Roman palace and learn all about the Croatian city’s history. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, hit up the beach and soak up the sun, or boogie your way into the epic nightlife Split has to offer. Calling all coffee lovers, Splits coffee culture is 10/10. You're in for a brew-tiful time!


A beach on the island of Brac, Croatia with bright clear blue water and white sandy beach with kite surfing in the background

Brac Island is known for its exceptional beaches, white sand, the clearest blue water ya ever did see; you can’t get more authentic island life than here in Brac! With an abundance of activities to take part in, or whether you want to laze on the beach admiring the view, Brac is a big ol’ chef’s kiss!


A photo from the sea wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia showing the clear and deep blue sea and amazing cliff formations

Pretty sure this next spot needs no introduction; it’s the most famous place in Croatia for a reason, duh! Dubrovnik, a UNESCO world heritage site and home to the Game of Thrones set, King’s Landing, is 1000% a must-visit. Remarkable views, streets filled with history, quirky bars and well-known architecture. Just wait til’ you see it come alive at night.


krka national park

Coming in at 2nd place, Krka National Park! Known for it’s 7 tiered waterfalls, lush green forest, and turquoise water, making it one heck of a spot for getting pics for the ‘gram and, of course, having a dip in the lakes. It’s magical, and you’re bound to become one with nature. It’s a YES from us!


Birds eye view of the waterfalls at Plitvice National Park in Croatia

Drum roll, please! At 1st place for the top 10 must-visits in Croatia, goes to Plitvice Lakes and are we surprised? Naaah. Plitvice Lakes is one of the most photogenic spots in all of Europe, and you’ve most probably seen the pictures & videos already! The gorgeous world-famous turquoise waterfalls and serene lakes. Definitely a pinch-me moment. You also have your very own ultimate guide to Plitvice Lakes, from yours tru-ly. You can thank us later.

You can now plan your Croatia travels knowing you have all the essential must-visit info you need. The Croatian summer of dreams is waiting for you. The only question is, where to first? See you at the beach, TruFam!

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