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What Your Airport Outfit Says About You

By - Gemma  |  3 minute read
What Your Airport Outfit Says About You! We've all done it, planned it all the night before what we're wearing to the airport…
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Why 2022 Is THE Year of Travel

By - Gemma  |  3 minute read
Time to plan that 2022 getaway!   2020 seems like a hazy distant memory, like when you shotgunned 3 beers straight…
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10 Top-Secret Truths from a Flight Attendant

By - TruCrew  |  3 minute read
10 Top-Secret Truths From a Flight Attendant Before I joined the wonderful world of TruTravels, I previously worked as a flight…
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The Ultimate Guide To Island Hopping Greece

By - Gemma  |  4 minute read
Island hopping Greece is the dream; you can't tell me otherwise. Every island is home to unbelievable beauty, untold stories and m…
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Can I Travel To Maldives?

By - TruCrew  |  4 minute read
CAN I TRAVEL TO MALDIVES?   Last Updated October 12th, 2021
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