The Full Moon Party – How to do it properly!

Most people who have been to Thailand or are looking to go have no doubt heard about the monthly full moon festivities on Koh Phangan and the sheer madness that comes with it. Nowadays the party gets a lot of bad press due to a certain type of people who it attracts (known as ‘Bucket W@*kers’).

Obviously any party with 10,000+ drunk youngsters will be rowdy and there are bound to be some assholes around but to many, the first experience of a Full Moon Party can be overwhelming and these people do not help.

You will hear in many places not to bother with Phangan because “it’s dirty” or “full of wankers” – we are here to tell you that this could not be any more incorrect! The island is beautiful and it’s people some of the best, you just have to get away from the full moon to see it. And you certainly have to do the full moon right if you are going to enjoy it and not have a calamity! This blog and many others in our portfolio are written to help you do both of these thing so read on to find out how to do the full moon right and not be a bucket w&n%r, and read some of our other articles in our blog and vlog series about Phangan and all it has to offer. Heres a short look at our wonderful Island in the form of a video:

Today we are going to list our top tips on how not to be one of these whiskey fuelled a**holes and enjoy the party like it’s meant to be ?

1. Have some respect and don’t be a d**k

It should go without saying but you’d be surprised how many people lack this simple skill. For those unfamiliar with the Thai culture may not know that as a people Thai’s look at showing respect to others as a very important thing (like all cultures), a very small gesture for example or a word out of place to the wrong person (maybe even in jest) could mean you ending up in an unfavourable situation.

Just remember, you are not in your country, speak to locals with respect and remember your pleases and thank yous (preferably in Thai for extra brownie points).

2. Litter Bugs!

Many people are shocked when they are asked to pay a $3 fee for entry onto the beach, I can assure you that the party would be free (like many years ago) if it weren’t for the grubby b**tards throwing their rubbish on the beach. The money that is generated through the entry goes towards the massive task of cleaning up all the rubbish left on the beach and organising the party that tens of thousands of people attend every month. So before you even think about dropping your bottle onto the sand, think again because there is a place to put it within 5 metres of you…and I’m sure that sexy backpacker you’ve been hooking up with the past hour will still be there when you get back.

3. Fighting gets you nowhere!

So someone just walked by you and spilt their drink on your newly fluorescently painted arm, what you going to? In all honesty the quickest way to get yourself beaten up in Thailand is by starting a fight. Once again, show some respect and don’t be starting any brawls, because in all honesty you are the one who going to come out worse off. You’re on holiday – chill, or ‘Jai Yen Yen’ as the Thai’s would say.

Here at TruTravels we like to think we know how to survive full moon and come out the other side with the beautiful sun rising on your face and that feeling that says ‘F**k that was an awesome night’…because in some cases (including my own first full moon) your first full moon can end in disaster with you sprawled out on the beach in a drunken mess at about 2am ruining your pal’s night because they’ve gotta drag you back to your guesthouse. Or worse, you lose your mates entirely and spend the night wandering around aimlessly in a drunken stupor.

4. Keep Your Valuables Safe & Don’t Take Much Cash Out!

Apart from getting too drunk, losing your mates, fighting over girls, or passing out and waking up mid morning sunburned and with your head in a bush, losing your stuff is a sure fire way to ruin your full moon expereice. Some easy ways not to do this are: Store valuable stuff in safety deposit in resort if available. Keep room door and balcony door locked! Don’t take out too much cash, 2000THB is more than enough. Don’t take your camera or iphone unless you are planning on staying sober and taking extremely good care of it! Seriously, follow these hints. Don’t be that guy/girl (there are 100’s of them every month).

5. Do the Full Moon Party the Tru way!

Ok, so now the obvious ones are out of the way, lets get down to partying properly! With our groups that finish just before the full moon party we always hang around to enjoy the festivities with them and ensure that they don’t repeat our mistakes or those of many Full Moon First Timers (Trust us, many, many hours of partying have gone into perfecting this formula). What we usually recommend is meeting at the ‘TruTravels Party Hub’ aka ‘The Group leader’s room’ at around 10pm, start getting our ‘draynk’ on and get each and every one of them covered in awesome paint (which also you saves you from paying some random on the beach to paint you a pretty dragon for $10… you’d be surprised how many do!).

Once we’re all glowing fluorescently and slightly inebriated at around midnight, we’ll all head down to our good friend’s at Sancastle Club, Pirate’s Bar and/or Fubar which are quite luckily located opposite each other and only meters from the Full Moon beach. They bust out awesome deep house throughout the night so if we feel like a change from th unes on the beach we can head back at any time. Here we get our groove on for a couple of hours, burn up the dance floor in TruTravels style, enjoy a few buckets and beers then head to the beach in full force!

We usually head down to the beach from the bars about 2am (It’s not quite as busy as in the video above at this time) where we set a meeting point at the one and only ‘Drop in Bar’ where we set a meeting point at one of the bars where our friends are working. It may seem late to some but turning up at this time is well worth it for two main reasons, a) Most of the Bucket Wa*@kers mentioned above have passed out by now and b) the beach is not as packed so you are less likely to lose your friends and can enjoy the best part of the party! Once on the beach the party continues until after the sun comes up, and that’s when the real party get going.

6. Pace Yourself!!!

Those buckets are STRONG!! Precisely the reason we go to the beach so late is because most people don’t realise quite how strong and are passed out by midnight. This of course is good for us because it gives us more space to cut shapes and less chance of having to deal with assholes. The truth of the matter is that all the parties on Phangan truly get really good when all the drunken fools go home or pass out in their fluorescent droves. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, SUNRISE is the BEST bit of FULL MOON. Make sure you pace yourself and stay awake for it. For this is when the true party people of Phangan come out to dance in awesome (and sometimes weird) style for hours after!

So when I say the parties go on and on I really do mean it, Backyard opens around 7am and doesn’t close until the next day, following this of course there are many other parties starting the next night or morning.Following the beach we take the last ones standing onwards to the original after party at ‘Backyard’! Throughout the day here they play deep progressive house which keeps the dance floor jammin’ hour after hour. We find the vibe here much nicer than that of the early hours full moon party and you will almost certainly not make it here if you begin the night guzzling buckets! Plus if you get wasted beyond recognition you are far more likely to make one of the other mistakes mentioned above and have a shit night…

The 5 days surrounding the ‘Full Moon Party’ are a party goers dream, there really is something for everyone, just remember to do it right and don’t leave with a bad impression (or give others one) of this beautiful island we call home.

If you’re interested in going to a Full Moon Party and would like us to actually show you how we party the Tru way then check out our 13 day Full Moon Experience tour which starts in Bangkok and ends in Haad Rin, Koh Phangan just in time for the shin dig (with lots of awesome stuff in between)! There is no better way to see Thailand or do the full moon. Guaranteed. Have a look at the video below to see some of what’s included in it!

See you on the beach x

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