Island Hop Around Paradise!

Calling all of those adventure people - yes you know we're talking about you! We're super modest most of the time but if there's anything we've mastered in the travel world it's island hopping. Yep, island hopping in Indonesia and the rest of Asia, island hopping on a Europe tour, island hopping in Latin America. Basically if there's a beach, a hidden gem or hotspot...we're there - and island hopping it of course! Whether it's sailing the days away to our next incredible destination in Indonesia or discovering the best parts of Croatia on the ultimate sailing adventure you are in for an incredible mediterranean trip. Some of our trips even include live-aboard boats. Imagine being able to roll out fo bed and straight in to crystal clear waters - you'll be living the dream! We'll take you to some of the biggest hotspots around the world and hidden gems only us and the TruFam know about and maybe, just'll join us for the ride. So...are you in? Of course you are! Explore our incredible selection of Island Hopping Extravaganzas!


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Location Route Icon Split - Split
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U$2350.00 U$1175
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Location Route Icon Split - Split
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Location Route Icon Bangkok - Phuket
Location Route Icon Canggu - Labuan Bajo
Location Route Icon Cancún - Playa del Carmen
Location Route Icon Canggu - Labuan Bajo
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Phuket
Location Route Icon Kuta - Labuan Bajo

Bucket List

Two elephants in field standing close together with green trees in background
Visit an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary
Visit Angkor Wat
girl underwater snrokelling with turtle
Snorkel with turtles
pink beach in indonesia hidden gem
Visit Pink Beach
Kayaking around Mljet
Sardine Run

Croatia Sailing Adventure - 8 days

From U$2,250 U$1,125
Go Island hopping around Croatia this summer! Experience adventure, history, beaches and more! Hit up Croatia’s hot spots and sail away on our TruYacht!

Location Route Iconsplit - split

Philippines Island Hopper - 17 days

From U$2,795
Join us in paradise & complete the best parts of the Philippines combining both the East and West trips.

Location Route Iconmanila - boracay island

Colombia Uncovered - 12 days

From U$2,345 U$1,876
Uncover the beauty of Colombia’s historic cities, lush jungles and remote beaches on this epic 12 day trip.

Location Route Iconmedellín - cartagena

Full Moon Island Hopper - 16 days

From U$1,950 U$1,365
Party the night away at the famous Full Moon party & visit the stunning South of Thailand for a beach getaway

Location Route Iconbangkok - phuket

Bali & Beyond - 18 days

From U$2,495 U$1,746.50
A combo of our Bali Experience & Komodo Island Hopper! Full of Indonesia’s incredible hot spots & hidden gems.

Location Route Iconcanggu - labuan bajo

Total Indonesia - 26 days

From U$4,150
Island hop around the Komodo Islands, visit and learn from local tribes, experience the magic of the jungle and discover Bali's famous backpacking lifestyle in the ultimate Indonesian adventure.

Location Route Iconmedan - labuan bajo

Greece Island Hopper - 9 days

From U$2,350
The ultimate Greek experience. Island hop between Greece’s hotspots. Beaches, beers & a bucket list 9 days.

Location Route Iconathens - santorini

Thailand Island Hopper - 14 days

From U$1,575 U$1,260
Paradise for sun, sea & island lovers! Explore the best parts of the East & West coast of Thailand in 2 weeks.

Location Route Iconbangkok - phuket

Komodo Island Hopper - 9 days

From U$1,550 U$1,085
Get off the beaten track on this unique experience. Visit the Komodo dragons & stay on a private liveaboard boat.

Location Route Iconkuta - labuan bajo

Bali & Sumatra Adventure - 18 days

From U$2,795 U$2,236
Crystal waters, unique cultural experiences and incredible nightlife. Perfect getaway for beach lovers, adventurers and sunset seekers!

Location Route Iconmedan - gili trawangan

Total Asia - 50 days

From U$6,095 U$4,876
Jaw-dropping beaches, rich culture and life-changing adventures. See it all on this epic South East Asian experience across Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam! This is the ultimate way to experience Asia and whether it's a solo adventure or the group trip of dreams THIS is how to see Asia and to have the best life-changing experience travelling the hotspots of Asia!

Location Route Iconbangkok - hanoi

Mexico - Yucatán Experience - 11 days

From U$2,245 U$1,571.50
A fun & unique experience to explore all the hotspots & hidden gems of Yucatán Mexico.

Location Route Iconcancún - playa del carmen

Philippines West - 10 days

From U$1,595
Island hop through the best of the West. Swim & snorkel the aqua waters and join us for a castaway experience.

Location Route Iconmanila - coron town


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