Travelling Therapy: Why It's The Best Thing For You

We're all just riding the rollercoaster of life, continuously moving along the track going up and down and sometimes we find ourselves at a standstill, neither feeling like we are coming nor going. Now and then we need those gentle shoves to steer us in the right direction, even if they come from the an unlikely of sources. We all experience many moments like this throughout our lives and last year I found myself in this exact position, my three year relationship had broken down and I was completely crushed. Nothing seemed important anymore and I felt like I was sitting at a cross roads not knowing where to go next.

In these moments we can choose to sink or swim and this is precisely why travelling gave me the direction I needed and the opportunity to press the restart button on my life and take back control. The funny thing about hard times is that they normally give us the time to reflect and look on where we are, whether it be a break up or losing your job, there are so many reasons big or trivial that can stop us in our tracks and make us question what we are doing with our lives. Although these times are hard a positive can be produced from a negative, they give us the opportunity to make a change.

We can coast along in a situation for long periods of time convincing ourselves it’s what we want when really all we are doing is lying to ourselves, we are all guilty of this. The thing with change is that it is scary, but it does give us the chance to break away from something which we thought was ‘good’ to find something which is actually really great. I decided to make that change, I needed to do something solely for myself and travelling was the answer. The thing is i've always wanted to travel but when I felt that travel bug itch flare up I convinced myself that I had too much going on in my life, I couldn't possibly actually do it could I?!

However this time I listened to myself and once I had booked my flights the bad days became less frequent and I found myself opening up to the idea that things were going to get better. I think the biggest hurdle is accepting to let go of your bog standard life and what was and actually embracing the unknown and the chance of something new and fresh. The thing about travelling is that it’s not actually a matter of money but it is a matter of courage. Have the courage to put two fingers up to the world and throw yourself into something unfamiliar.

travelling therapy

I did all this self healing whilst having the most amazing experience

And being surrounded by the most remarkable people who are still some of my closet friends despite the fact we live on different continents. I can sit here and describe to you the adrenaline that is coursing through your body when you’re about to throw yourself off the highest canyon swing in the world, to swim amongst the phytoplankton in Cambodia and bath an elephant in Thailand, to stand on a glacier or even just days spent laying on a white sand beach from dawn till dusk with a beer in your hand and trading stories with people from all different walks of life.

I ask you this, why would you want to listen about it all from me when you could experience it all for yourself and have your own stories to tell? I’m not telling you that you have to quit your job, give your dog up for adoption and go away for a year (even though I’d strongly advise it) but even for you to just take some time out for yourself, be selfish for once and take a two week backpacking trip to truly open your eyes and see what else is out there beyond your postcode.

travelling therapy

You’ll find it will be good for the mind and leave you feeling humble –

It’s cliché but if everyone says it then there must be some truth to it right? So with that in mind what are you waiting for, the new year is fast approaching, instead of getting to the end of 2017 and feeling the same as you do now why don’t you make a change and do something to make this year truly one to remember. This year do something you've always wanted to do, go to that country you've always dreamed of visiting because in life you can live many years that can mean little to nothing and have just a few moments that can mean everything, make sure your year is full of breathtaking moments. Book your travelling therapy now and we promise it will be the best thing you'll ever do!

Words By Lucy

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