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OI OI CAPTAIN ALL ABOARD! Hop onto our 52ft Sunseeker yacht. *secretly packs 52 different bikinis* Sit back, relax and tan that tooshie as we sail you around some of the most desired Greek Islands in the Cyclades. Whether you want that ultimate Instasnap with the caption *BOATS & HOES* (you’ve seen Stepbrothers right?) or you’re looking for more of a Jack & Rose moment...I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD - we’ve got you. Pack your suncream, old school knock off raybanz and that fluorescent bikini you didn't remember buying after a few drinks in lockdown as we island hop around beautiful white sandy beaches. Try out local food such as Souvlaki or Gyros in historic old towns (don’t forget Tzatziki, because who doesn’t bloody love that garlic-y white dish), before chucking on your speedos as we swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Our Skipper (That’s our captain btw, not a guy who skips continuously for your entertainment) has the freedom and flexibility to sail us at your heart’s desire! Whilst ensuring we visit the best beauty spots, snorkelling sites and the cheapest place to get your nan that fridge magnet of a Taverna you promised her all along. We’ll head to Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros basically if it ends in ‘OS’ we’ll be there! So who’s ready? Pass me a MYTHOS!


Inclusions: Airport Pick up, 7 nights accommodation, island hopping, snorkelling

Location: Start Mykonos, End Santorini

Closest Airport: Mykonos Airport (airport - code: JMK)


27 Sep – 04 Oct

11 Oct – 18 Oct






+44 203 542 2463

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