May is an amazing time to go away, not only is it usually a transitional month meaning that the temperature is usually pretty damn warm still and there is not too much rainfall in most of our destinations but also you usually beat the crowds, which is pretty great! May 2024 will be no different and after the couple of years we've had, we wanna travel and we wanna travel HARD. If you wanna know our top destinations for May 2024, then scroll down! Keep on reading so you can get planning the most insane trip of your life. Here are the best places for your travels in May 2024!

We have created the ultimate guide for the best places to visit month-by-month. Everyone's avaliability for the year is different, so whether you'll be seeking sun in September or making plans for March we have your back and we'll show you the top places you should consider visiting! The world is wide and the destinations are endless but there's no need to be overwhelmed, trust us and we will show how to get the best out of your holiday - no matter when you travel! Check out the other parts of the spring travel series with our Part 1 and Part 2 blogs too!



So most people say that it's best to visit Colombia between December and March as that's its dry season! BUUUT what people don't know is that in May, there are fewer crowds and it is still a lovely temperature (with highs of 32 on the Caribbean Coast, helllllo sunbathing) and with low levels of rain in most of the tourist hotspots such as Cartagena, so it's the perfect time to visit! So now that you know when you're going and where you're going, you wanna know the why? Well, with Colombia, the list is endless! Colombia has everything - you can soak up the history of Colombia's difficult past in Medellin and see how Communa 13 has been transformed by vibrant street art as well as visit Colombia's cultural hub, Cartagena, where you'll explore the old town and marvel at the stunning architecture. Colombia is known to be one of the biggest producers of coffee in the world so it's only fair that travellers get to taste Colombian coffee first hand - we visit a coffee farm and see how it is made in Guatapé before flying to Santa Marta to enjoy the Colombian jungle to the fullest by visiting waterfalls and tubing the length of the river to the beach, beer in hand! Lastly, we head to the Caribbean coast to live our best lives, giving it 100% island vibes on our own private island set deep in a mangrove forest. Dreamy right?! Culture, history, beaches, nature.. what more could you want? Let's get onto Skyscanner now...



May is a great time to kick back and live that pura vida lifestyle in Costa Rica! While lots of people visit Costa Rica in their dry season (December - April), May is a transitional month in their so-called "green season" meaning that national parks are quieter than normal (woop to no crowds), the wildlife is out and about and the lush greenery is just that extra hint more vibrant since there are a few lil' showers to get them glowing again and the rivers and waterfalls etc are fuller and more impressive (water rafting anyone??). Not to fear though, May is still a relatively dry month with only a bit of rainfall and it is worth it to travel during this fantastic transitional period. As one of the world's adventure capitals, Costa Rica really packs a punch. On our 10-day tour we travel from San José, Costa Rica's bustling capital, to Coop San Juan, where our TruTravellers enjoy an authentic, rural homestay and get to experience the true Costa Rica. Then we travel to La Fortuna, the adrenaline-junkie haven, where we get a taste of that boujie lifestyle and visit some thermal hot springs and swimming holes and there's also the opportunity for to do canyoning, whitewater rafting, volcano hikes, ATVing or rappelling... we did tell you that it was an adventure capital! In Monteverde, we marvel at the stunning Arenal Volcano and go on a night safari where we see all the wildlife that this incredibly bio-diverse country has to offer and then go ziplining! Our last stop is Santa Teresa, where you can relax on the beach and get all zen with a yoga class after an action-packed week.



The Philippines dry season is between November and April, and as a shoulder month of May is still a beautiful time to visit these stunning islands because not only is it still warm and very dry with the occasional shower before the proper rainy season starts but the islands are also generally less crowded, which is ideal for when you're wanting to relax on the white-sand beaches and snorkel in the vibrant seas. Can you think of a better way of spending your May than livin' it up on a Filipino Island, eating your body weight in Lechon (a quintessentially Filipino dish... but not suitable for vegetarians haha), sippin' on a Piña Colada and having the warm sand flow between your toes? Nope, we can't either. So, we think this May, you should join us in the East of this beautiful country, where you can hit up the best Filipino beach clubs on famous white-sand beaches in Boracay, rebel against TLC by chasing the picture-perfect, pastel blue Erawan Waterfall (not to mention, canyoning down all the other waterfall tiers to this IG hotspot) in Cebu and be amazed by the underwater wildlife, including the natural phenomenon - The Sardine Run - in Moalboal. Alternatively, you could hit up the West and soak up the sun while exploring the gorgeous island of Palawan, where you'll explore the stunning blue lagoons of El Nido, snorkel your way through shipwrecks in Coron and island hop around Port Barton. Huh? What did you say? You wanna do it all? We're not surprised... and lucky for you, that's as easy as 123. You can have a Tru-ly life-changing tour and experience all of these amazing things ALL of the amazing things on our Philippines Island Hopper tour, which combines our East and the West tours.

There you have it - the best places to travel in May 2024! Now you know how to have the summer of dreams, book it and get something in the diary to look forward to! If you need any more travel inspo, feel free to send us an email on or check out our socials!



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