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TruStories: Sri Lanka Highlights From A Travel Blogger

By - Katie Collins  |  3 minute read
When legendary member of the TruFam and travel blogger Katie Collins contacted us about writing a guest blog of her time on the Sr…
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TruCrew Does Tattoo Roulette

By - Joe Fallon  |  3 minute read
TATTOO ROULETTE FOR TRU COMMUNITY FUND So… our crazy TruFam have come together and literally put their skin on the line to ra…
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Backpackers of Lockdown: How We Made The Best Of It, Now That It's Almost Over

By - TruCrew
Adapt and overcome! Everybody has been dealing with this downtime differently, but what soon became apparent is that our Tru Crew…
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Group of Young Travellers on large River Raft with Diving platform with Palm Trees and blue Sky

Your Complete Guide to Backpacking Cambodia

By - TruCrew  |  3 minute read
This guide has been updated on June 23rd, 2020 from the original publication in Sept 2019 to outline the most recent news in terms…
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World Leaders in Pool with Beers enjoying the sun with Palm Trees and Ocean Putin Trump Merkel Trudeau

World Leaders Ranked By How Much Fun They Would Be Travelling!

By - Mark  |  4 minute read
With everything going on in the world and all the politicians in the news, it got us thinking… what would they be like if they w…
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