Imagine a place where tigers, rhinos, orangutans, and elephants all live together? Look no further - Borneo has them all! The wildlife here inhabits thousands of unique species, not to mention the world’s last remaining orangutans & pygmy elephants! Although Borneo is made up of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, it is the world’s third-largest island and has the most diverse rainforest in the whole of South-East Asia.

The nature and wildlife in Borneo are one of a kind. If you're interested in travelling to Borneo, here is a summary of our favourite highlights which we guarantee will give you a life-changing experience!

Proboscis monkey swinging in trees - Wildlife in Borneo


Many travellers seek to explore destinations with a big array of wildlife. If that’s you, Borneo’s wildlife is going to blow your mind! Whether you’re cruising along on a river safari or strolling along treetop canopy walkways, you won’t feel alone with the wildlife that surrounds you. Watch orangutans in their natural habitat or spot saltwater crocodiles hanging out along the river. Remember to bring your camera to capture some truly unique wildlife shots!


Orangutan in Borneo climbing tree



One of the many highlights of travelling in Borneo is seeing Orangutans. Sadly, these fascinating human-like creatures (apart from their extra-long arms and body covered with ginger hair!) are endangered. Visit the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre to experience the best of Borneo. The centre returns orphaned, injured or displaced orangutans back into the wild. They also have an outdoor nursery where rescued babies live. Seeing Orangutans is a unique experience, especially, as they are only found in Borneo & Sumatra.


Mountain view - Borneo


Take a trip to Mount Kinabalu to experience the treetop canopy walk, high above the impressive hundred-year-old rainforest housing some of the rarest species in the world. The climatic zones have boosted this rich biodiversity, enabling more than 4,500 species to live there. With approximately 326 bird species, over 100 mammal species and around 110 land snail species. It’s an experience you won't forget!


River safari, wildlife in Borneo


When travelling Borneo, one of our top reasons to go is to experience wildlife on a river safari. So you can get a little insight into what you can expect to see - when our TruLegends went out on the Kinabatangan river safari, they saw; orangutans, sun bears, snakes, green pit viper, proboscis monkeys, long-tailed monkeys, crocodiles, skunk, pygmy elephants, hornbills, kingfisher, fish, pygmy squirrel, lizards, bats, killer ants, silver lip monkey, black squirrels, wild boars, civets and lizards, and all in one day! Quite impressive, don’t you think?!



So, there you have an overview of how amazing the wildlife is in Borneo. If you are looking to go on an adventure of your own to experience this yourself, come and join our Borneo 9 day Adventure. Perfect for all wildlife lovers! Or if you are interested in scuba diving, whether you're a beginner or more advanced, the 12 Day 'Borneo & Below' will be the trip for you!




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